Donnie MacNicol Leadership Expert

Donnie is a project, programme and organisational consultant who has married his 30 years of delivery experience with a passion for personal development, change and strategy to offer consultancy and training services to clients through his own consultancy. Clients are in both the public and private sector and include multinationals and SMEs. His main focus is on supporting the development of leadership at an individual, programme and organisational level - creating an environment where teams can perform to their maximum potential. He is the author of The Delivery Manifesto™ & co-author of Project Leadership 3rd Edition by Routledge as well as contributor to multiple others. Donnie holds a BSc (Hons) in Civil Engineering from the University of Strathclyde.


How to Balance Between Certainty and Flexibility

People are different but we are all looking for certainty about the future whilst maintaining the flexibility to do what we want in the present. We all know certainty is an illusion but we plan change as if we can guarantee a defined outcome at some set point in the future - with changes along the way to make things interesting! The flexibility we all want, to different degrees, drives a range of behaviours. Consider how different people view and use the processes and structures within organisations. Behaviours can range from people blatantly ignoring the defined ways of working through to people following the rules, and as a worst case without challenging what is obviously of little value and possibly even detrimental to delivery. I am sure we can all relate to this from our own experience.