Neil Winward Taxation Guru

Neil is the CEO of Sevara Capital Advisors. He is passionate about solving tax, accounting and regulatory problems for institutions that have invested billions of dollars of capital in multiple jurisdictions. His company provides solutions for banks, insurance companies and hedge funds to tackle their problems related to tax returns, financial statements, accounting and internal finance matters. Neil holds a master’s degree in Law from the University of Cambridge. 


The Morality of Taxation

Governments need money to fix the roads; to keep airports running; to keep bridges safe; to pay the armed forces; to maintain fire departments and police departments; to maintain a clean and secure water supply and to provide a social safety net for the old, infirm or less fortunate.


Comedians, Politicians & Taxation

It has been a tough few days for clay-footed public figures: movie stars; Hollywood producers; comedians and the US Republican Party’s least favorite candidate for the Alabama Senate seat vacated by Attorney General, Jeff Sessions.


Tax Exempts - The Paradise Papers

Taxes are flavor of the month. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (House Bill) was released last week; the Senate is about a week behind with its own bill. The press and professional advisors are producing article after article to figure out what it all means.


Tax Bill - Jobs For Tax Professionals

The bill introduced by Representative Brady of Texas yesterday has the “short title” (Section 1), “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act”. It is the only thing about the bill that could be described as short.


Sell Your Tax Losses

In 2015, in the wake of the financial crisis, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration published a report, detailing the policy issues involved in the administration of Net Operating Losses (NOLs). It is time to act on this report and to give corporations a straightforward way to trade their losses on an exchange, or at least in a Treasury-approved dark pool.

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