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2 months

How Stalin and the Nazis Tried to Copy Henry Ford

In the early decades of the 20th century, the automakers of Detroit–and Henry Ford in particular–exerted a remarkable influence.

3 months

China Crackdown is About Political Control

Despite high domestic economic growth and solid global recovery, the Chinese market is down on the year.

3 months

How to Create Intelligent Governments with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is opening up more opportunities for governments and citizens by combining human creativity with technology to drive progress in our modern society. 

3 months

The Confidence of Americans in Institutions

In early July, the Gallup Poll carried out an annual survey in which people are asked about their confidence in various institutions.

3 months

Cuba: The Dictatorship And The “Blockade” Lie

Cuba is a dictatorship that uses terror and propaganda to repress its people. 

3 months

The Role of AR, VR, AI and Robotics in Future Conflicts

The increasing importance of information in military and warfare is making digital technology and its applications, such as analytics, AI, and augmented reality, indispensable to future conflicts.

4 months

Why Countries Need A National Artificial Intelligence Strategy

The effects of new innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) and the advantages they bring to businesses, industries, and entire economies leading in AI research warrants the development of a comprehensive and well-informed national AI strategy.

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