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3 months

Escaped Terrorism Suspect Sparks Manhunt: A Closer Look at Daniel Khalife's Daring Prison Break

In a shocking turn of events, a former British soldier, Daniel Abed Khalife, has managed to escape from custody.

3 months

UK Rejoins Horizon Europe Under a New Bespoke Deal

In a significant announcement, the UK has decided to rejoin the European Union's flagship scientific research scheme, Horizon.

3 months

British Police Hunt Terror Suspect Who Escaped Wandsworth Prison

The recent escape of a former soldier, Daniel Abed Khalife, has raised concerns about prison security and the potential risks posed to the public.

3 months

Reviving Birmingham Council After Bankruptcy: A Comprehensive Guide

Birmingham, once a thriving metropolis, is facing dire financial straits as it's grappling with bankruptcy.

3 months

Rising Retail Crime Threatens UK Supermarkets: What Needs to Change According to Asda Chairman Lord Stuart Rose

Retail crime has surged in the UK, causing concern among supermarket executives and prompting calls for action.

3 months

UK Government Declares Laughing Gas a Class C Drug

The UK government has recently declared its intention to categorize nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas or NOS, as a class C drug.

3 months

The Dawn of Legal Automation: Revolutionizing the Legal Industry

The legal industry, long associated with tradition and meticulous paperwork, is undergoing a profound transformation driven by automation.

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