3 Ways to Overcome Big Data Hurdles

3 Ways to Overcome Big Data Hurdles

Naveen Joshi 06/03/2024
3 Ways to Overcome Big Data Hurdles

Organizations need to invest in advanced data management tools, adopt machine learning techniques, and ensure data quality and governance.

We live in an age where information in any form is valued highly. The survival of an organization solely depends on its data's applicability and the insights generated from it. It isn't about just collecting enough data but also about managing and using it properly. Ultimately, big data analytics serves as an aid to organizations by providing them with a way to make sense of all the data collected. Proper content and data management is a complicated task that needs to be carried out before performing any kind of analysis. It requires scalability, appropriate tools and processes that must work in synchronicity. Big data can be an indispensable tool for organizations, but this can only be true if firms understand and address all the challenges of working with big data.


To unleash the potential of advanced visualization that will allow organizations to analyze multiple information sources and discover hidden patterns and trends, certain challenges in utilizing big data should be addressed.


1. Gathering the Right Data

The most crucial challenge in addressing big data challenges is to understand what data is resourceful, reliable and relevant. With the spur of the digital revolution, infinite quantities of data are floating around. Around 1000 petabytes, or to put it into a clearer perspective, about 500 billion pages of printed text of data are generated daily. From this massive data set, strategically and judiciously extracting data is vital for organizational success. Therefore, the first step to collecting correct data is to hire a data specialist. They will ensure that the collected data is useful and can be translated into actionable information leading to efficient data and content management.

2. Safeguarding Against Data Loss

Another major challenge when using big data is the looming threat of data loss. An organization can face severe repercussions on the grounds of financial and reputation standing due to the loss of critical data. Therefore, having a solid data governance policy will ensure that access to sensitive information is strictly monitored and controlled by authorized personnel.

3. Storing and Managing Data

With so much data around us, storing and managing it effectively is another inherent critical issue of using big data. Reserving massive volumes of organized, secure and usable data needs significant resource allocation. To solve this problem, cloud-based data and content management solutions were created. It will reduce the technological and financial outlay for data storage. Also, it will allow authorized personnel to access information from anywhere.


5 Ways an Organization Can Manage its Big Data Security

Here are three ways to overcome big data hurdles:

1. Implement Advanced Data Management Tools

Big data requires sophisticated data management tools to efficiently process and store large volumes of data. These tools should be able to handle data variety, velocity, and volume. For example, using data lakes and distributed file systems like Hadoop or Spark can help manage large-scale data processing.

2. Adopt Machine Learning Techniques

Machine learning algorithms can help extract valuable insights from vast data sets. Techniques such as classification, clustering, and predictive modeling can help identify patterns and relationships in data that may not be apparent with traditional data analysis techniques.

3. Ensure Data Quality and Governance

Big data can pose challenges for ensuring data quality, as it often comes from various sources and may not be structured. Establishing data governance policies and implementing data quality checks can help address these challenges. This includes developing data standards, ensuring data security, and providing proper data documentation.


The use of big data has become a powerful weapon for organizations to win against their competitors, leveraging it effectively and churning useful information is more important than just collecting it. These issues can be tackled using big data; however, the challenges arising from it should be addressed first. Big data is the ultimate weapon firms can utilize for efficient data and content management by analyzing and extracting value from large and complex data sets, thus driving organizational success.  

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