From The Internet Of Things To The Internet Of Life

From The Internet Of Things To The Internet Of Life

I think Apple is exactly right. What’s a computer? With recent inroads into health and medicine, Apple is teaching something very special. And its new TV spot hits the nail on the head! It’s not the Internet of Things (IoT), it's the Internet of Life (IoL)!

Yet this recent promotional video seems to have provoked a bit of controversy. We see a little girl lost in her daily activities who can’t seem to separate the device (no, I’m not going to call it that) from her everyday environment. The comments on social media seem to me to be a bit 'backwards' moving with a desperate desire to cling to that old 'c' word. It's fine to hold on to conventions and recognize those important inventions from yesterday. But the future is here. And nostalgic notions of mainframes will soon be replaced with the presence of (but perhaps not the direct recognition of) mindframes.

You see, our devices—call them what you may—are extremely personal and now can help make us smarter and perhaps even help make us more healthy. It's less a thing and more a vital component to life. Apple's Health Kit and Health Record are poised to become important tools that drive health and wellness.  While the jury is still out on Apple's movement into health and their tactics, it's important to recognize the trend that this 'box of circuits' is flowing with its electronic circulatory system that inexorably bond and binds with humanity.

A small leap into the future—and driven by the musings of Elon Musk and his company Neuralink—suggests that biological intelligence will merge with digital intelligence. And even today, technologies already interface with the human brain yielding science fact vs. science fiction. Deep brain stimulation (DBS), for example, is an important therapeutic modality for movement disorders including Parkinson's disease. Further, these DBS devices are also tools to stimulate and sense brain activity. So the direct connections between man and machine are already here.


So good for you Apple! In an interesting way, technology is really going away and leaving a pure user experience that changes everything.

Any questions?

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  • Michael Clark

    I have never liked the "Internet of things", what does it really stand for?? Internet of Life is much better

  • Joe Green

    Every single step of our life will be monitored

  • Chloe Ann

    This is creepy……

  • Deborah Hobbins

    This is brillant

  • Richard Casey

    How is that a good thing? That's my question

  • Paul Chailloleau

    In reply to: Richard Casey

    I think, with the internet of things is that companies want to use their skills in technology to draw people towards more of their technology, which makes it unlikely for companies to want to cooperate with other companies to create compatible protocols.

  • Richard Casey

    In reply to: Paul Chailloleau

    This is probably more negative than positive because with the creation of these connected objects "intelligent". There may be a violation of privacy by hackers or governments.

  • Kimberley Oliver

    Pretty soon we won't have to bother being born, the "internet of life" will be doing all our thinking and living for us.

  • David Prewett

    The future of technology and humans seems amazing.

  • Peter Doodson

    Connected objects are our future. There are many fields where they can help us in our life like medicine, everyday life at home in the kitchen or for the temperature for example.

  • Frank Darrel

    Humans will become so dependant on machines we'll become nothing more than their slaves.

  • James Sweeney

    In reply to: Frank Darrel

    There is literally nothing wrong with any of this. What is so bad about computers recommending you healthy food options and lowering the temperature to make your life more comfortable? Like every other piece of technology today, you can switch it off if you would really rather eat junk food and get fat and sweat in summer that badly.

  • Rick Madden

    I'll connect a few things, but I don't want my whole life any everything I do connected.

  • Henry Johnson

    good explanation, I love it

  • Gary Morris

    This is rapidly taking a transformation from concept to reality.

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