Is Dividing by Zero a Path to the Divine?

Is Dividing by Zero a Path to the Divine?

John Nosta 18/02/2018 10

Divide by Zero?! Some of you might remember grade school when the teacher told you that you could NEVER have a zero in the denominator of a fraction. You just can't. Later...maybe in high school or college you might have heard that the "equation blows up" if the bottom part of a fraction is zero.

Hum. I guess we should blame the ZERO! But this over-simplification hides a wonderful and rather profound concept...

OK--A side bar. The actual number zero was introduced by the early Indian culture around the year 600. The first discussion of zero was in the Brahmagupta and was very cool indeed. This text captured many advanced mathematical concepts and was entirely in verse!! Its translated name is "The Opening of the Universe". Wow! Dose that conger up some thinking that can easily put someone on the fast track to Divinity?!

Now, let's get back to nothing. Ahhh...I mean zero.

0/x = 0 (as long as x isn't zero).

Consider n/x, where n is any number great than zero and we let x approach zero, but never quite get there. For example: 1/2, 1/1, 1/.5, 1/.1....etc. What's happening is that the value of the fraction is getting larger and larger. The smaller we make the bottom of the fraction, the bigger the result! We can go as small as we like...and the result is a bigger and bigger number....a number that approaches....ready....infinity!!

So we see, dividing by zero allows us to have a mathematical articulation of the infinite! The equation certainly blows up...but in a rich, intellectual way.

Talking about infinity...well, is conceptually infinite. The association with time, distance, and the metaphysical is a very accessable path to touch the hand, dare I say, of the Creator.

Infinity is the biblical concept of eternity.  Our eternal "life" is not "of time" but "beyond time". Simply put, infinity is that timeless sliver of now that lives between the past (only a memory) and the future (not here yet).

So, divide by zero and experience the wonder of mathematical divinity.

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  • Jack Wilson

    Oh my god.. That was AMAZING..I also thought that dividing something by zero is mathematically impossible, but the answer lies in our imagination...

  • Ryan Thorn

    More fundamentally, one minus zero minus zero minus zero and so forth, even an infinite amount of times, does not give you zero. There is no amount of times you can take away zero elements from a non-zero set that leaves you with an empty set.

  • Wyatt Zapotok

    The problem of x/0 could also be tackled by acting like it had a value and seeing the paradoxes that ensue.

  • Ken Simpson

    I really wish you were my math teacher when I was still in school. I hated math because it was so abstract, but you make it so much more fun and spiritual!

  • Stuarts Atore

    This is great!

  • Jeff Kandel

    Wonderful explanation

  • Charlie Morgan

    Dam, I thought you were going somewhere with a mathematical reasoning, but you just described undefined as undefinable......

  • Jimmy Alderson

    Prove this atheists

  • Rohan Fitz

    In reply to: Jimmy Alderson

    I hate this debate

  • Austin Sullivan

    That was pretty cool and well explained

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