The Best Resources for Anxiety

The Best Resources for Anxiety

Want to learn additional ways to deal with anxiety? Don't spend any more time letting anxiety interfere with your quality of life. Get help if you need it. Here is a list of excellent self-help resources including some of the best anxiety books, websites, and apps available to target anxiety.

These Resources Can Help You:

  • Read more about different anxiety disorders and options for treatment.
  • Learn techniques to manage the symptoms of anxiety.
  • Track and graph your moods.
  • Identify your triggers.
  • Set goals.
  • Learn meditation and mindfulness.
  • Reduce negative thinking.
  • Join peer networks with others that struggle with anxiety.

Helpful Websites Related to Anxiety:

Websites Addressing Anxiety in Children:

  • The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry maintains an anxiety disorder resource center for children.
  • The Child Anxiety Network has information for parents, teachers and professionals to help manage and learn about anxiety in children.
  • The website and blog of Hey Sigmund has a great list of articles to help children with anxiety. She is the author of the book Hey Warrior which explains anxiety in a way children can understand (visit my Mental Health Bookstore for a link to this book).

Recommended Apps to Help with Anxiety:

  • Mood Track Diary: Free app. Track and graph your mood patterns and triggers.
  • Pacifica: Free app to reduce stress and anxiety. Mood tracking, goal setting, relaxation techniques, and peer support.
  • Happify: Free app. Overcoming stress and negative thoughts. Skills to train yourself for happiness.
  •">Fear of Flying: $125-$595 depending on which package you buy. Includes online resources and support, DVD's, and individual counseling. It even includes a package for "flying tomorrow or the next day" where you can get urgent help.
  • Anxiety coach: $4.99 This app is designed to be used over several weeks to months as a tool to gradually face a feared situation and reduce anxiety.
  • Headspace: Free or paid versions. Meditation and mindfulness made simple.
  • Calm: Free app. Reduce anxiety, sleep better, and feel happier. Includes meditation, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques.
  • Breathe2relax: Free app. Stress management tools with practice exercises to help learn stress management skills. i-phone appandroid app
  • Insight timer: Free meditation app. i-phone appandroid app
  • Simply Being Too: $1.99 Guided meditation for relaxation. i-phone appandroid app

Are you looking for the best books on anxiety?

Visit my Mental Health Bookstore for a list of the top books about anxiety for adults and children.

Are there other resources you have found helpful that aren't included in this post? Let me know so I can add them to the list.

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