21 Factors That Speed up Your Sense of Time - Part 2

21 Factors That Speed up Your Sense of Time - Part 2

21 Factors That Speed up Your Sense of Time - Part 2

No one can grant you an extra hour or two each day; even if someone could, the 25- or 26-hour day might eventually become insufficient as well.

Fortunately, some insights can help you to make better use of the time you have.

Here are the second seven factors of 21 in total:

        8. Using outmoded approaches – As creatures of habit, too often we do something the way we’ve always done it simply because it’s familiar. Take control of the approaches you use, and you’ll gain more control over your sense of time.

        9. Retaining what doesn’t fit – The longer you hold on to things that don’t support you in the present, the more collective clutter you’ll have in your life. When you’re hanging on to too much, you carry lots of baggage and often feel out of control.

        10. Following the unchallenged ritual in your workplace – Are you reading the morning paper, even though you don't want to and it really is of little use to you?  Look at the things you do in your workday that represent rituals that might no longer be supportive, productive, or efficient. Some things could be delegated, not done at all, or done a different way.

        11. Overspending – We are a society of super-consumers. When you overspend, live on credit cards, and are continually incurring debt, you’re working harder and longer, and you feel like time is speeding up.

        12. Using drugs or alcohol – When high, you’re not fully in charge of your faculties. And when you come back down, you’ve got work to make up.

        13. Watching television – Did you realize that there is so much programming now that you could watch more than 60,000 TV shows per month? Be wary of the fact that television can eat into time and make it seem to fly.

        14. Not living in the moment (preoccupation) – This is characterized by engaging in Activity A and letting it run into Activity B. Don’t let things merge into each other – do one thing at a time. 

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