A Technology Revolution for the Healthcare Industry

A Technology Revolution for the Healthcare Industry

Vagisha Arora 04/06/2020 2
A Technology Revolution for the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare, despite being the most important industry, remains far behind in leveraging technology to improve wellness and the correctness of the treatments.

The advent of Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and Automation has unlocked various advantages that can strengthen the medical sector. And they are just at the gate of the healthcare industry waiting to be summoned.

Here is a list briefing the technologies that are determined to revolutionize Healthcare Industry.

Blockchain for an Absolute Data Security

Blockchain is a decentralized, distributed, and immutable data structure formed by a chain of blocks, and every block is made up of a collection of digital bits of information.

Ever since the introduction of the technology, it is praised for its security which is a result of the consensus approval method of data storage. That is, for every block to be added to the chain, more than fifty percent of the machines connected to the network have to approve the authenticity of the data. This way, even if hackers manage to break in and alter the values, they have to make the same changes in more than 50 percent of the machines for the values to change forever.

Blockchain can be deployed into the Healthcare sector to store the information of patients, diagnostics, doctors, and even research details and progress. The immutable data allows institutions to see the medical record of patients, track the treatments, and double-check the recovery from the illness.

Better Healthcare with IoT Analytics

Internet of Things, just as the name suggests, connects all the computing devices to the internet and enables data sharing and transmission. This may not sound so intriguing at first, but its applications can never be ignored.

IoT applications completely rely on four functions: collecting information, sending information, receiving information, and acting upon the information.

In the case of Healthcare, consider this possibility, a wearable watch or band collects the information on patients’ health and sends the information to the hospital server. The software, upon receiving the information, determines the condition of the patients and schedules an appointment or deploys emergency vehicles or lets them be as per their illness recovery rate.

IoT Analytics is crunching the large volume of data generated by the continuous analysis of patients to extract the crucial information hidden within.

Increased Efficiency with Automation

The Healthcare industry can be much more effective and consistent with automation. Scheduling, information gathering, and many other tasks that don’t require brainy problem-solving skills can be automated easily.

Further, it greatly brings down the human-induced errors, while reducing the expenses for the healthcare institutions.

Another important aspect of automation is its speed of execution that increases the throughput, processing as much information as possible. The data-driven approach also gathers volumes of data from which insights of various aspects can be obtained.

Leveraging the Blend of Technologies

With Blockchain reinforcing the data security, IoT taking care of the continuous information exchange, and Automation fastening the processes, Healthcare can be propelled forward to a great extent.

The mixture of advanced technologies can help doctors prioritize patients based on the potency of the illness, and save more lives. AI solutions can potentially take care of the general check-ups and less crucial illnesses, and possibly increase the longevity.

Healthcare Inc is All Set to Disrupt Healthcare

Healthcare Inc is a healthcare start-up that is building a solution that can be interacted with wearables to track the patients’ weight, sleeping pattern, and diabetes levels. The information can be transmitted over to the hospital’s portal during the weekly or monthly check-ups or through the internet to detailed analysis on patients to improve the treatment correctness.

The patients’ information is stored in the private Blockchain or Hyperledgers to ensure that the information is not available to all, but are safe and trackable.

The main idea is to integrate the solution into Apple watches, or Fitbit, or Nike, or Google to make the solution mainstream. The solution can also be linked with health insurance agencies to make it easy to claim the right insurance cost without any complications. The company is also positive for tie-ups with Healthcare companies to take the solution to the next level.

Wrapping Up

Technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, IoT, and Cloud Computing can be deployed in almost all industries to improve the services, but healthcare, as an industry is yet to see such a revolution.

The technologies also open up multiple paths for start-ups and with businesses to innovate and make a name for themselves.

Start-ups can launch mobile medical check-up solutions, tie-up with industrial behemoths with their killer products that reduce the burden for doctors by allocating basic check-up routines to AI algorithms, or build a wearable that warns people on how critical their health condition is and suggest better, healthy options.

They should watch out for one region though: venturing into the digital world can attract hackers for the loot. If that can be prevented, then there probably is nothing in the way to hinder Healthcare from reaching its zenith.

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  • Kate Watson

    Excellent article

  • Lily Rawlings

    As a healthcare innovator, this was honestly so helpful, thank you.

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