Are You Struggling With Alcoholism: Here Are 10 Things You Can Do To Make It Stop

Are You Struggling With Alcoholism: Here Are 10 Things You Can Do To Make It Stop

Felix Yim 24/11/2022 1
 Are You Struggling With Alcoholism: Here Are 10 Things You Can Do To Make It Stop

Alcoholism can get worse by the day. That’s why the sooner you stop now, the better.

This guide will go over the ten things you can do to make it happen.

It takes the right strategies and approaches to turning your life around. The last thing you want is to continue letting alcohol run your life. Epiphany Wellness can help you make life after alcoholism better for you.

If you need more information, you can visit their website at Let’s go over the ten things that you can do to stop alcoholism right now.


Realize that there is a Problem

You may be sober enough to realize that you’re dealing with a problem. You are aware that you are using alcohol to control your life. This will be something you’re not aware of when you’re under the influence.

It seems like it’s second nature when it comes to handling stress. You have a drink as it can self-medicate you or help you cope. The reality is that this should never be the case.

The problem is you allow alcohol to be the go-to option for when things don’t go so well. Or you can’t get through the day without it.

Make Amends with your Family and Friends

You may be dealing with relationship issues with your family or friends. You still have people in your life that care about you. They need you to get the help that will allow you to get rid of alcohol for good.

This is your opportunity to make things right with them. You’ll have a support system that will be with you every step of the way. From treatment to aftercare, there will be someone rooting for you to stay sober.

Make Plans to Get Help as Soon as Possible

You’ll come to the realization that alcohol should not dictate your life. You will need to know that your life can continue going down to the same dark path if you don’t get help. You need to make plans as soon as possible.

You can go without a drink for six hours and may suffer from severe alcohol withdrawals. Especially if you have been dealing with alcoholism for a lengthy period of time. It’s important not to self-detoxify at home.

The sooner you are able to make plans to get help, the better.

Confide in Someone about your Alcoholism

It’s OK to talk to someone about your struggles. Especially if you are dealing with alcoholism. It needs to be someone that you can trust.

This can be a member of your family. It cannot be with someone who is a ‘drinking buddy’ since that would be counterintuitive. It needs to be someone who may be aware of your problem and will suggest that you get the help you need.

At some point, you will need to share with members of your family that you plan on getting the help you need.

Get Rid of the Alcohol you Have

You may have a cabinet full of alcoholic beverages that you may enjoy. It’s time that you got rid of them once and for all. You can do this right after you make plans for getting professional help.

Or if you are already in a facility, you can have someone discard the alcohol that you have for you. This way, you can come home and deal with fewer opportunities to drink again. The key here is to make sure you have no alcoholic beverages at home no matter what.

Talk to your Doctor about the Damage that May Have Been Done

If you are looking to end alcoholism, it’s important to speak to your doctor. You may undergo a medical diagnosis as part of your assessment. This is part of the process before your treatment begins.

Medical professionals may determine how much damage your body has sustained due to alcohol. They’ll also use this medical examination to determine your treatment plan. This includes the type of medication that you’ll be on.

You can be certain that some of the damage can be reversed. However, you may still face the prospect of some health issues that may arise due to your past alcoholism. The sooner you stop drinking, the less you’ll worry about them.

Be Aware of the Criminal Penalties that you May Incur

These criminal penalties include but are not limited to driving while under the influence (DUI) or even domestic violence. You may be under the influence of alcohol and unaware of acting in an illegal manner.

Imagine waking up in a jail cell because of what may have happened the night before. You have no recollection of what happened. However, witnesses will say that alcohol had played a role.

Know that Alcoholism is Fatal

Alcoholism can lead to fatal consequences. That’s why you’ll want to stop now while you can. It can get to the point where you could damage your liver, leading to disorders such as Hepatitis and cirrhosis.

You may also die a ‘slow death’ due to health issues like heart disease and cancer among others. Regardless, alcoholism can lead to your demise one way or another.

Follow Through with your Treatment Plan

Once you have a treatment plan in place, you’ll want to follow it. This includes taking your regular medication, attending therapy sessions, and whatever else your treatment plan requires you to do. If you follow it, you’re on the path towards beating alcoholism.

You will be more confident in yourself each day to live life without alcohol. You’ll deal with stress in healthier ways. There are a whole lot of benefits that you can experience.

Don’t Give Up

It’s a challenge to beat alcoholism. You don’t want to go at this alone. You’ll be in the best care with medical professionals and therapists.

You’ll have a support system that will be rooting for you each day. You may have good days and bad days. Yet, you have it within yourself to carry on knowing that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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