Divorce and Child Custody: Things You Should Know

Divorce and Child Custody: Things You Should Know

Daniel Hall 25/11/2021
Divorce and Child Custody: Things You Should Know

One of the most challenging parts of parenthood is separation from your child.

As you go through divorce and leave your spouse, the last thing you will want is your children to be taken away from you. While going through the gruesome process, you must know the child custody laws in your region. A child custody attorney in Houston may guide you differently, while an attorney in a different city like London will have a different view. 

Thus you should know about your local area laws. That way, you will learn how to use them to keep your child with you. Below we have mentioned some critical areas of child custody that you should consider before the case opens. 

You Might be Evaluated as a Parent


Certain regions in the world, like Texas, evaluate both parents before giving a verdict. They may check for things like:

  • Your employment, 
  • living conditions, 
  • If you and your partner can co-parent 
  • If you are well equipped to take care of a child
  • The child's decision if he is above 12 years of age

Depending on the above, your case might go with or against you. 

You May Need to Co-Parent 

The court might choose to give you legal custody, or you may share it with your partner. In that case, you should prepare yourself to raise your child together even if you two don't bond well. That's not only good for the mental health of your child, but you will also get a helping hand to raise him. 

Even if you are divorced, you won't have to live as a single parent taking all the responsibility alone. If you and your partner don't agree on dividing the role, the court will make an arrangement with defined roles. 

While joint custody is an option, it's not the case everywhere. In China, joint custody laws don't exist. Therefore only one parent gets the child and can make his life decisions as a guardian. 

Other Family Members May Get Involved

Another thing to know is that your child's custody may be given to a 3rd person, a friend, or a family member. If you and your partner do not want to get custody, you can allow a 3rd member to file for custody with your consent. 

The court might also give your child's custody to a 3rd party if you are deemed unfit to raise the child in question.  

In Washington DC, a parent who has raised a child and has lived with him in the past three years can give child custody to a third party. 

Out of Court Settlement May be the Best Option 

While laws sometimes vary from region to region, it may not be in the child's best interest and the parents to go to court. An out-of-court settlement may be a better solution. In underdeveloped countries like Pakistan and India, it can take years to resolve a case and the law system is extremely slow to reach a fruitful conclusion. 

Thus your best bet may be to talk to your partner, friends, family and decide outside of court. 




While child custody cases are emotionally disturbing and damaging, you can make the best choice for your child and yourself through good research and timely actions. It will help if you are prepared to convince the court of your good parenting skills. 

The court might give you joint custody, so you need to be ready to co-parent mentally. If you do not want to get involved, you can even surrender it to a 3rd party. But, if you think the justice system in your region is not worth the time and effort, you should look into an out-of-court settlement. 

Child custody cases are more twisted than you think; therefore, we recommend you explore more and take legal help to know the law better.

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