Do You Have Any Mentors and Do You Acknowledge Them?

Do You Have Any Mentors and Do You Acknowledge Them?

Do You Have Any Mentors and Do You Acknowledge Them?

Each December, for many decades I have annually bestowed on honorary award: the Jeff Davidson "Mentor of the Year." I know, being a mentor to little old me is not a big deal in the world.

It is, however, monumental to me.  I reflect on the past year and determine who, if anyone, had a profound impact on my career, work, or life. This year, for an unprecedented third time, it is Peter Hicks, who led me to the best of England, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland; keeps offering notes and ideas for tremendous articles that I get published; and has done much more.

Jeff Davidson "Mentor of the Year" Award Winners


2023 -- Peter Hicks...  For travel genius, astute political observations, and keen personal insight.

2022 -- not awarded

2021 -- Justin Orringer... Effectively imparting technical know-how and personal wisdom well beyond his 20 years.

2020 -- Terry Paulson... Sharing his leadership and speaking career insights, and his author/columns tips, to this day.

2019 -- Charlotte Ashlock... Amazing knowledge as to what makes for compelling reading and the uncanny ability to empower her authors.

2018 -- Noushi Haeussler... Deep understanding, learned over many years, about being and appearing healthy.

2017 -- Marty Horn... A repeater from 2015, his insights and observations keep me sharp

2016 -- Peter Hicks... Oldest and best friend (we met in 1st grade) whose wisdom over three score is unsurpassed and sharpens with age.

2015 -- Marty Horn... A 46-year friend, and a great sounding board for decades, now most of all.

2014 -- Nancy Davidson... Revered sister and psychologist with whom Freud and Jung might have sought counsel.

2013 -- Sharon Shelton... a local, modern-day, down-to-earth sage with insights for the ages.

2012 -- Robert Steven Crawford... Cyberage know-how, AV production, and a winning style.

2011 -- Pam Nogueira... Cutting edge perspectives on the best in human health, down to the cellular level.

2010 -- Shawn Kent Hayashi... Model communicator, project leader, and networker.

2008 -- Peter Archer... An editor, thinker, and intellectual guide of distinction.

2009 -- Ji Zhao... Web guru, audio/video producer, and all around technical whiz.

2007 -- Scott Burrows... The best advice you'll ever hear about breaking out of comfort zones.

2006 -- Turner Walters... Guiding me through the technical aspects our or high tech age.

2005 -- Tom Antion... Illustrating the essence of thinking big and big earnings.

2004 -- George Manlove... Healthcare and healthcare advice that works.

2003 -- Valerie Davidson... Better than the best half of each of her parents.

2002 -- Sharon Askew... Grace under pressure and at all times as well.

2001 -- Lois Johnson... An example of enduring kindness and congeniality.

2000 -- Peter Hicks... Best friend, fellow world traveler, and insightful thinker.

1999 -- Renee Wilmeth... Guidance about what makes for a winning book.

1998 -- Tony Alessandra... A surrogate brother, friend, and sage counsel.

                 .[ And the list continues]

Thank you, one and all,

Jeff Davidson

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