Dreams Interpreted

Dreams Interpreted

Dreams Interpreted

I attended a session recently on dream interpretation, taught by someone who explains dreams to clients for a living.

Here is a quick rundown of common dreams followed by their meaning:

* Flying – This relates to the ability to overcome, solve problems, meet challenges, or remain resilient.

* Returning to school – This relates to seeking job security. Returning to school is a way of saying, "I'm going to batten down the hatches, be knowledgeable in selected subject areas, and be secure in my employment."

* Being chased – Being chased usually means that it's time for you to confront what's chasing you, or to stop ignoring an issue that merits your current attention.

* Going to the bathroom – This is about flushing out toxins so that you'll have more energy, feel invigorated, and be able to tackle what's next. (Could also mean that you need to go to the bathroom.)

* Discovering a room in your house or a room somewhere else – This is about discovering your talents. When you open a door to a new room or a new location it's as if you are opening a door to yourself.

* Finding a treasure chest – Finding such treasure relates to choosing positive aspects of our childhood and perhaps drawing upon them to find treasures in the present.

One of my recurring dreams is being in my backyard of the house where I grew up in Bloomfield, Connecticut, digging briefly near one of the big trees and finding a small treasure chest. When I open it, I find gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, and sparkly items of high value.

A Multi-Level Structure

How many people have dreams that involve a multi-level, busy structure? One recurring dream is my sojourn through a multi-level, busy structure, kind of like a condominium, conventional house, beach resort, and office building rolled into one.

It's but a hodgepodge of rooms with stairs and passageways, where some people are playing musical instruments, working with a computer, or sunning themselves. The structure seems to be mine, or a friend’s, and I've been invited there for a reason.

The dream interpreter remarked that I have entrepreneurial spirit (true), multi-talents, and multi-interests! Gosh.

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