Finding Work-Life Balance with Mompreneur Mirav Tarkka

Finding Work-Life Balance with Mompreneur Mirav Tarkka

Parul Agrawal 05/06/2020 4
Finding Work-Life Balance with Mompreneur Mirav Tarkka

Sometimes we meet women who define success on their own terms. 

Women who defy all odds to fulfil their mission of inspiring others. Women who take every challenge as an opportunity and shine no matter what. Women who lead by example.

Mirav Tarkka is one such amaing woman. She is a bestselling author, a self-defence international expert, a power coach and a single mother. Her mission is to help people find their “Power Of Warrior” and use it to create an unstoppable life, combining a strong body with a sharp mind.

I had the opportunity of sitting down with her for this interview to learn more about her inspirational work for other woman.

Tell us more about your work and how you inspire women?

My mission is to train people to tap into their “Power Of Warrior”; their raw, true power which we are all born with- and use it in order to live their life to its full potential, by training it and training their body and mind together. I believe that in order to truly succeed in life and reach harmony in all areas, that balance and wellness of both physical and mental must be achieved.

Women have been, through the years, deprived of their power. They are often doing too much, and feeling like they are not doing enough, or are not enough. Even highly successful women don't always recognize their amazing achievements. When a woman learns to own her power, her voice, her authenticity, and use it to conquer whatever she puts her mind to, the years of power deprivation simply vanish.

As a woman who has personally been through many breakdown moments, through wars, abusive relationships, poverty, living in the street, a broken marriage, becoming a single mother and building herself from scratch quite a few times, I inspire women to never give up, to find- and insist- on their power, to live with pride, and achieve their goals.

 Tell us more about your recent projects?

These days I am writing another 3 collaboration books, 2 of them are also hosted by me. One is about self-love, the other about living in the lockdown. I am also about to launch my mind & body bootcamp and course, to help busy women strengthen their bodies while sharpening their minds, in order to step up their business.

But, to be honest, my greatest project is nurturing, raising and educating my 2 little girls. As a single mother and the only present parent in their lives, I have great responsibility in raising women who will be strong, wise and confident to thrive in the world they will be living in. They are the reason for everything I do.

WoW! You got a book published in less than 50 days and made it a Bestseller? How did you do it?

Easy Breezy! First, I have an amazing team working with me, women whom, like me, are speedy, powerful, professional and passionate about their work. My editor, Heidi De Love, is literally my right hand, and my launching campaign expert, Parul Agrawal, is the best in her field and led the book launch to accomplish the Best Seller title.

Second; I created a good plan, a timeline, and stuck to it. The authors in the project knew about the dynamics of the project and the commitment, and knew this was going to be a “fast train” before they decided to join. Plus, I have gained some pretty good leadership skills with my military service in Israel, my self-defense coaching career (for 18 years I trained hundreds of people all over the world), and I truly love doing what I do!

 What the secret behind your success?

There are many factors put together which lead to success; goal setting, planning, leadership, flexibility, experience, team work, my “no mercy” approach, and more. But if I had to choose one, I believe it is the way you feel about your work or projects (whatever field that is in). When you do things with joy, passion, love, as well as the skills (or the humbleness needed to gain those skills), success is inevitable.

At the same time, I must point out that determination plays a huge role in my success and, in my opinion, in any success story. Your determination determines your achievements. It creates your will power, it holds you up in hard moments, it cuts you no slack when others slack away easily. It isn't always easy, nothing is. But having an “iron determination” (fuelled by your “Power of Warrior”) is definitely key.

How do you find work/life balance?

That is not easy, and to be honest I still haven't mastered it 100% and there are always “fall throughs”, days where I feel like there is no balance whatsoever and everything is chaotic.

But I do have ways to try and achieve that balance in most days; by creating routines, daily schedules according to my energy, needs and time. For example- I am most productive in the morning, so I have a teacher with my children for 3 hours in the morning which I dedicate to work. I wake up earlier to “prime” my energy and have some me time. I prioritise my daily exercise to feel good and keep my energy up. I plan every day quality time with my children, and I use evening times when my energy is “calmer” (let’s call it that way!) to study, research and clear my energy from the day. Goal setting is very important for me, I set goals in every field of my life, short term and long term, and revisit my goals once a week when planning in the next ones. However, when plans fall apart for diverse reasons, I look for solutions and ways to achieve those goals and balance in a different way.

What advice do you have for women/people who want to grow a business while raising kids?

My number 1 advice is to get help with the children so you can work. It doesn't have to be a 24-hour babysitter, it can be, like in my case, 3 hours a day. You must be able to have focussed, undisturbed time for your business.

My number 2 advice is to prioritise your me-time. If you are not recharging your energies and have some time for you on a daily basis, you will burn yourself down. It is easy to get “swallowed” by the mother role and forget you are also a person, a woman, a friend, a high achiever. Having guilt free me-time to feel like yourself again, not your “mommy-self”, is fundamental.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Just remember that we all, you all, have that potential in you and power in you to achieve all what you want, no matter what. Never give up.

How do people reach you? 

I love connecting with people and listening to their stories. Anyone who wants to contact me can visit my website: and I am on social space as

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  • Jake Teague

    Being a mompreneur AIN'T easy.

  • Randy Hodo

    Love this! Thanks for sharing!

  • Nigel Moss

    Great interview

  • Philip Dewhurst

    It’s hard being a mompreneur..but it is rewarding..God Bless you...

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