How Long After a Car Accident Can You Claim Injury Compensation?

How Long After a Car Accident Can You Claim Injury Compensation?

Daniel Hall 08/01/2021 1
How Long After a Car Accident Can You Claim Injury Compensation?

The maximum limit for claiming injury compensation is three years.

Immediately after suffering an accident, it is essential seeking compensation when everything, including the evidence, is fresh. You only need to gather the evidence, get an injury lawyer, and file for compensation. However, there are several things you would need to know concerning settlement, what is required, the time limit, and who is eligible for such. Read till the end to learn more.

How Long After a Car Accident Can You Claim Injury Compensation?

Is There A Time Limit For Accident Compensation?

According to the United States laws, you have to seek compensation for the injuries suffered immediately until three years. The three years can mean two things. It can be a limit of three years since the accident happened or three years after realizing the injuries you are suffering from the accident. Whichever fits in your case must be filed before the three years elapse. 

With some states giving fewer years, like California, it is essential to check it out immediately if you suffer an accident. What happens after the lapse? You cannot file the case afterwards unless you fit the late-filing factors. The period given helps you recover from the injuries, gather evidence, and get an attorney to stand with you in court. You should not rush the process.

Reasons Why You Should Make A Claim Earlier

Most people involved in accident injuries do follow up on their compensation when they completely heal or when time is not on their side. It is crucial filing your case early to benefit from the advantages. First, it becomes easier to link the accident with the injuries, and also, it becomes easier to find witnesses and evidence related to the accident. Most injuries, if not documented, will disappear after some months after the accident. 

Besides this, it gets difficult storing all the evidence and getting back the witnesses to come and testify for you. To make your case straightforward and fight for compensation for the injuries suffered, experts advise filing your claim within the first year or when you are out of the hospital. What if injuries get longer to heal? It is essential to use your family members or contact a competent lawyer who will file for your case as you recover from the hospital if injuries take longer to heal.

What Happens When I Am Too Close To The Limit 

When you are close to the limit without filing for your compensation case, your attorney can guide you on two things depending on your case. If your case is straightforward, your attorney might take and rush it before the time limit. However, if the case involves gathering evidence, talking to witnesses, and other complicated processes, the attorney might advise preceding the lawsuit. 

Why is it so? The methods of gathering evidence, getting the right witnesses, and filing can take several months, which will be time-bound. There are also medical examinations to be done, police reports, and other things that might derail the probe and filing the case. Most solicitors will fail in taking your case if the period is less than nine months.

Are There Other Exceptions To The Time Limit?

It rarely occurs where a court of law takes in your case even after exceeding the time limit of three years. However, the court will take the position if there are satisfactory reasons for the delay. Some of these reasons include the patient suffering adverse injuries, getting into a coma, delaying the police information, and other factors approved by the court. However, it is essential never to rely on this perception and file for your case earlier for an excellent chance to get compensation.

How Long After a Car Accident Can You Claim Injury Compensation?

Do I Need A Doctor To Make A Claim?

If you suffered injuries and treated the same at home without a doctor, the chances of getting compensation for the same are zero. The reason for this is that injury compensations rely on doctors' medical reports and other evidence. The report details how the injuries were, how long they took to heal, and the costs incurred in the process. Your attorney also makes claims according to the injuries suffered, suffering, and the time wasted to nurse the injuries. All these definitions mean that a doctor report is critical in any compensation case, and you must get treated by them to get a compiling report.

After suffering injuries, it is essential seeking your lawyers' advice on when and how to file for compensation, even on your hospital bed. You don't have to wait until time-barred since you will lose the case and the compensation, which will make you suffer injuries and losses. If possible, get a competent lawyer on speed dial to guide you on any misfortunes.

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