Personal Rallying Cries

Personal Rallying Cries

Personal Rallying Cries

Nearly every day, we are subject to highs and lows. Things are going well, happiness ensues, and we’re not conscious of the time.

Things are not going so well, and time slows down. Sometimes it's hard to find a friend. It can be hard to know what to do next.

What Can I Handle

Throughout my adult life, when I feel immobilized, I employ catchphrases that spur me to action. One of these key phrases is, "Live to fight another day." What do I mean by that? Certainly, it has nothing to do with physical combat. It means that if nothing seems to be going well, and I’m in a quandary, I look for what I can handle and can complete in the present.

Suppose I’m feeling lonely, overwhelmed, or have a lack of clarity. I say to myself, “Live to fight another day,” which translates into: I don't have to necessarily deal with any of those obstacles at the moment, as long as I take care of items that need to be handled. This is an antidote to fretting about my current turmoil and to not taking care of other things.

When I complete tasks around the house or my office, whether or not I have attained clarity, I feel less overwhelmed and less encumbered by whatever has been weighing on me heavily. I have at least finished these other tasks.

The Lives of Others

I was curious to know if others maintained such phrases, and learned that about one in three adults do. To close this article, here is a random sample of the 100s of phrases I have collected from others:

    * You are always enough. Mollie               
    * Be consistent, be rational, be proactive, be creative. Craig
    * Be a problem solver, not a problem. Heather
    * Oorah! Ken        

    * Don't be upset about failure, be excited for the comeback. Aidan
    * And this too shall end. June
    * It's not going to fix itself. Stacy
    * Everything will be okay. Katrina

    * Stuff happens. Rodney
    * Each day is a gift, so live it to the fullest. Helene
    * If it was easy, everybody would do it. Barry   
    * They are doing the best they can at the moment. Paul
    * I am grateful for who I am, what I am, what I know, and what I have. Chris
    * This is just the first round. Eric
    * Don't be thrown off your game. Sokol
    * On to the next. Barry

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