Post-Workout Supplements: Top Things To Consider

Post-Workout Supplements: Top Things To Consider

Daniel Hall 02/03/2021
Post-Workout Supplements: Top Things To Consider

The supplements business is booming. It has been growing significantly over the past few years and is now worth about 36 billion dollars.

While pre-workout supplements give you the endurance and energy boost you need to exercise longer, post-workout supplements promote recovery. They promote muscle synthesis and improve your health after a workout. Even though the supplements may not make you healthier on their own, they can help you meet your goals faster. 

Here are a few things to consider when using them:


1. Vitamin B12 and Vitamin B6

Even though it isn’t common to have vitamin B12 deficiencies, B vitamin complex deficiencies are common. While the cause of vitamin B6 deficiency is not clear, it is attributed to stress. The National Institute of Health reports that vitamin B may promote the body’s ability to get energy from nutrients or form red blood cells.  Vitamin B may regulate your sleep patterns and stabilize your mood. It may promote the body’s ability to fight inflammation.

The nutrient helps your body remain strong before, during, and after a workout. Post-workout supplements with vitamins B6 and B12 are great.

2. Don’t Rely On Them Completely

Think of supplements as add-ons rather than your primary source of nutrition. They are not meant to substitute your regular exercise regimen or nutrition. Most post-workout supplements are rich in protein. If you are getting enough protein to promote muscle gain and make you stronger, you don’t need to use the supplements often. If you have trouble hitting your daily target, you need your post-workout supplements regularly. Vegans and vegetarians may also benefit from regular protein supplementation.

3. Carbohydrates

Post-workout supplements must be rich in carbohydrates. You need them to refuel your muscles. Carbs are stored as glycogen and they help you minimize the feeling of fatigue even after working out for a long time. If your exercise regime includes more than an hour of exercise, the experts at advise that you take carb supplements. They are the most effective ways to get energy into your muscles.

4. Find Options That Work for You

Even though there are many great post-workout supplements, they don’t always work for everyone. Experiment with a few options and find one that suits your needs. The right supplement for you depends on your preferences, macros, and workout routine. Pick supplements that support your physical needs and goals. When in doubt, seek the help of a professional. Note that another person’s needs may not be similar to yours even if you have a similar height, age, and weight.

Choosing post-workout supplements is about trial and error. You need to pick an option that meets your needs.

5. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for healing the body, especially after a tough workout session. It deals with metabolic stresses including the stress of training. When you are putting your body through stress, it helps to ensure that your system is equipped to deal with it. Vitamin C makes you feel great after a workout and reduces your chances of wheezing or coughing after a workout session. Post-workout supplements with vitamin C are a great choice.

6. Collagen

The benefits of collagen in your post-workout supplements are endless. It promotes joint health and slows down the aging process. Collagen is present in the skin, tendons, muscles, and bones. In essence, it is the glue that holds the body together. However, the ability of the body to produce collagen diminishes with age. You may need supplements to improve the natural ability of your body to repair muscles, tendons, and joints.

7. Glutamine

A post-workout supplement with glutamine will promote muscle growth and recovery. It may also improve your performance. The amino acid will improve your athletic abilities and fuel your body before or after working out.

8. The Recommended Dosage Varies


With supplements, the recommended dosage varies depending on your needs and the type of supplement you will be taking. With proteins, for example, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics suggests that you take 1.2 to 2.0 grams for every kilogram of your body weight. Even though most athletes can achieve this without supplementation, others may need supplements. The goal is to meet your recommended amount by the end of the day.

After working out, your body needs to refuel and heal in readiness for your next workout session. Post-workout supplements promote this process. They have nutrients that can recharge your body and improve your energy levels. The nutrients include proteins, carbs, and vitamins. Take your supplements about 60 minutes after your workout.

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