The Summer of Sport: Tips on How Not to Miss a Game

The Summer of Sport: Tips on How Not to Miss a Game

Daniel Hall 11/06/2024
The Summer of Sport: Tips on How Not to Miss a Game

Being a dedicated sports enthusiast, you know that this year's EURO 2024 and the Paris Olympics and Paralympics are not to be missed.

The harsh truth is that even the most dedicated fans can find themselves missing a game due to the demands of work or vacation plans.

If you travel, content restrictions can make you miss the live-action. Fortunately, you can still see the games and follow all the events no matter where you go. Here are some tools and tips on how to not miss a game and also remain safe online.

Use Legal Streaming Apps


Sports streaming apps can keep you updated on the latest sports news and crucial information. If you don't have access to streaming live action, you can access live scores, highlights, and full-game replays. Everything depends on the app you use and the broadcasting rights. 

The advantage of sports streaming apps is that they come with mobile-friendly interfaces. They are very easy to use and provide the convenience of staying connected on the go. These apps will help you keep your excitement flowing wherever you are. Just make sure you have good internet access. Some popular sports streaming apps which work on both Android and iOS include:

  • Eurosport

  • Peacock

  • YouTube TV

  • Fubo

These services' broadcasting rights may prevent you from viewing the games, while in some places, you can use a VPN to change your location virtually. This allows you to access the games wherever you are, bypassing geo-restrictions. Everything depends on the streaming app and the VPN you choose.

How do services learn where you are trying to watch the games? Your IP address reveals your location. You can easily find out your current IP address by going to your browser and typing “what is my IP address?”. Use a VPN to change your location to your home country and try again. If you cannot access the games despite using a VPN, check your IP address in the VPN software. Choose another country and check to see if your IP address changed.

Upgrade Live Streaming Services

Live-streaming services that broadcast major sports events are either free or paid. Free may be more attractive, and you may be tempted to save some coins. However, free sports streaming services have many ads and potential cybersecurity issues. Remember, if you are not paying for something, you—in this case, your information—may be for sale. Paid services are more secure as official broadcasting platforms usually host them.

Upgrade your options to watch your favorite games live and without interruptions. Be wary of websites that share a similar URL with official broadcasting platforms. These might be phishing sites and could potentially steal your personal information. Bookmark the trusted streaming services to easily find them when the games are on. Don’t let the heat of the moment push you into making mistakes. 

If you use a VPN, it will protect your online data and privacy. This is because the VPN will not only change your IP address but also will encrypt your data, keeping you safe.

Set Up Alerts and Notifications


It’s easy to forget about the games while you are traveling. But you can set up alerts and notifications on your phone or other device to avoid this. You can configure your sports apps, social media, and email to provide updates on game schedules, scores, and breaking news so you don’t miss any crucial moments. 

Prioritize Smartphone Security

Cybercriminals like to target sports fans during major sports events, as they are more likely to let their guard down. So, you should prioritize your smartphone and other devices' security. This rule applies whether you want to watch your games, create content, or just scroll. Otherwise, you might ruin your whole experience.

Install a reliable antivirus or other security app to protect your smartphone and personal information from cyber threats. As mentioned, free software is usually unreliable, so get trusted premium services.

If you are traveling or cannot watch the games from the comfort of your home, you might have to rely on public Wi-Fi. Although public Wi-Fis are very convenient, they don’t always provide a secure connection. During major events such as EURO 2024 or the Paris Olympics, cybercriminals can increase the number of compromised public Wi-Fis.

Bad actors may steal their personal information when unsuspecting victims connect to these hotspots. Use a VPN to prevent this. With a VPN, even a public Wi-Fi connection becomes more secure as your data is encrypted.

Use Cloud-Based Storage and Collaboration Tools

If you want to not only watch the games but also create content related to the summer of sports, use cloud-based storage. Some collaboration tools that might help you are Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, and Google Drive. These platforms will secure your files and provide easy access whenever you need them.

Backup Your Data

If you don’t want to use cloud-based storage, you can always back up your content on external hard drives. This will help you safeguard your work if you suffer a ransomware attack or experience a device failure. Back up your data regularly so that nothing compromises your content uploading schedule. 

Stay Informed

Like traditional criminals, cybercriminals always target victims who let their guard down. Many people do so during major events, such as sports events, because they are excited and concentrated on the games. However, staying informed can prevent you from falling victim to common or specific scams. This way, you can enjoy important events without compromising your safety.

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