What it takes to be a Great Leader

What it takes to be a Great Leader

Vartika Kashyap 23/11/2018 4

We see a lot of Millennials growing older and stepping into leadership positions now, but do you know what it takes to be a great leader?

Leaders are defined by what they do, not who they are. As the road to leadership is never an easy one, here I have discussed the top attributes of a successful leader to lead in a way different from counterparts. Let’s start:

1. They are Future Oriented

In “The Truth about Leadership” by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, it is said that one of the main things that distinguished a leader from followers is the ability to be future oriented. The one who thinks about the future most of the times will know what should be done to succeed. It’s better to focus on where you’re going rather than where you’ve been. Let go of the problems of the past, spend time thinking of the future.

How to be future oriented?

Get into idealization. Believe that you have no limitations at all on what you can be, do or have. Every week take out some time to think what may be out there. Learn about what are your competitors doing, what is up with your industry, read magazines, books, and do a lot of online research.

2. They Empower Those Around Them

If you choose to be great, learn to empower others. Leadership is about lifting others up, helping them be a part of something bigger than themselves.

How does a leader empower others?

Empower through sacrifice. Just like a good parent will never be done through sacrificing for their children’s better tomorrow. So should a good leader be no different. Empower by listening. Listen to your people’s stories.

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3. They Believe in Positive Corporate Culture

In 2017, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Group was voted the seventh best company to work for in LinkedIn’s top companies list. This can be possible only when a leader will take care of its corporate environment. “Branson himself said that by taking care of employees at Virgin everything else will take care of itself.”

How to build a positive working environment?

Building a culture is as important as empowering others. A leader should always be on a mission to keep all people happy. Praise your people, genuinely love them, care deeply for your employees, boost their experiences, make work fun, and be an example that people should always strive to follow.

4. They Take Responsibility

Next comes the acceptance of personal responsibility. I’ve seen the best leaders having the willingness to behave responsibly. Be the person who must make it happen. You’ll feel the empowered when you start taking responsibilities.

How to behave responsibly?Never complain, never explain. Make progress, not excuses. Keep repeating to yourself “I am responsible”,  whenever in difficulty. Come up with a solution on what can be done when things go awry. Don’t criticize, don’t blame.

That’s it! Find your own best path to success before you start leading. Great leadership is all about learning from the leaders who have gone to tailor your actions to fit any situation.

Over to You

I am really curious to know your thoughts. What is one trait you’ve seen common in all great leaders? Let us know in the comments below!

About the Author

Vartika Kashyap is the Marketing Manager at ProofHub and has been one of the LinkedIn Top Voices in 2017. Her articles are inspired by office situations and work-related events. She likes to write about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, entrepreneurship among others and contributing to a better workplace is what makes her click. For more interesting posts follow her on Medium.

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  • Jordan Johnson

    Leadership requires a lot of sacrifices. It's a journey that never ends.

  • Zoe Silvester

    There are more managers than leaders nowadays....

  • Emma Crawford

    Powerful post, you are absolutely right.

  • Oliver White

    Insightful read !!!!

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