Why People Love Christmas Adverts: The Importance to Consumers

Why People Love Christmas Adverts: The Importance to Consumers

Daniel Hall 29/11/2021
Why People Love Christmas Adverts: The Importance to Consumers

Christmas is a time of year when people often think about what to buy for family, friends, and loved ones.

The festive season can be an expensive time of the year, so shoppers must know what they want before starting their Christmas shopping.

Christmas adverts can be a valuable tool for brands to reach out and embrace the consumers in a way they don't usually do, leading brands to seek the assistance of a video production London agency to help them create the best possible adverts if they are shooting pivotal scenes and campaigns near some of London’s infamous landmarks. 

These campaigns allow them to increase their product or brand image and provide an opportunity for brands to tell stories or spread specific messages that may impact how consumers feel about them.

These campaigns have become hugely popular over recent years as they have been used by many different brands such as Coca-Cola and John Lewis. They both launched very successful campaigns, which helped make them into household names.

The popularity of Christmas adverts has grown year on year with John Lewis’ “The Bear and the Hare” even receiving more than 48,900,000 views, and it is clear that brands recognise this as a way to get their products noticed by consumers.

Why Do People Love Christmas Adverts?


There are many reasons why people enjoy Christmas adverts so much. One of the main reasons is nostalgia, as they remind us of the most beautiful time of year, including eating delicious food and spending time with friends and family. It takes us back to our childhoods, happy memories that we no longer want to forget.

Another popular factor of these ads is how they are often based on a story which can mean that people are more likely to watch them closely than other adverts.

Another reason why people love Christmas adverts is that it gives them something different to watch instead of watching regular TV shows with advertisement breaks every 15 minutes or so. People are already feeling festive during this time of year, so watching short, warm, and fuzzy adverts is a great way to spend the time.

Many of these campaigns feature animals or children who can tug at our heartstrings and make us feel nostalgic about Christmases past, making it very different from watching an advert for insurance.

Another reason for their popularity is that it creates excitement about buying gifts, encouraging shoppers to spend more money than usual on festive treats and presents.

What Makes Christmas Adverts Essential to Consumers?


By using Christmas adverts, brands can reach consumers differently than they do throughout the rest of the year. These campaigns can help make people think about certain products more than others and encourage them to buy gifts for friends or family instead, which is essential during this time of year where consumer spending is high.

Christmas ads also provide a platform for brands to tell a story or spread a particular message, which can impact how consumers feel about the brand. Sainsbury's launched their Christmas campaign '1914', one of the most expensive and profitable Christmas ads in 2014. 

This commercial retold the story of Christmas Day in 1914 when opposing forces of British and German soldiers came out of their trenches to play football with each other. 

This campaign led to a sales increase, and they made a £24 profit on every £1 spent on the promotion. It helped Sainsbury's grow its market share.

These ads are important for brands as they can help them improve their product or brand image, potentially leading to more revenue coming through in the long run.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Christmas adverts have become a popular way for brands to promote their products. They play on people's emotions and interests, leading to more sales which can be beneficial during the festive season when consumer spending is high.

They are essential for consumers as it provides them with a platform to tell a story or spread a message which can affect how people feel about the brand.

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