4 Ways AR Helps to Track Your Life

4 Ways AR Helps to Track Your Life

Naveen Joshi 19/02/2018 2

Augmented Reality (AR) is quite literally changing the way we look at the world. AR has brought about some significant shifts in perspective about what we can do with images in real-time. Applications have, therefore, been built around these new findings to help users in tracking life with AR.

The 21st century has presented a fast-paced life to everyone. People, in general, are involved in more than one task at any given point in time. In a world as competitive as we have today, we cannot blame people for having so many things on their plate. However, technology has been kind enough to make our lives easier. Calculators, computers, mobiles have helped us a great deal; but the technological evolution hasn’t stopped. As hyped as it may sound, but Augmented Reality (AR) is set to change our world, our vision. Yes, those goggles that could see through stuff, they’re coming for you. We compiled a list of 4 spectacular ways in which AR will help you track your life in the near future.

1. Never Lose Anything Again

We keep forgetting our cards, wallets, keys, and whatnot. It can take hours to find something that has been lying right in front of us all the time. With AR’s wondrous image processing APIs, you can tag your belongings and then find out their last seen location, so you can find them right away. This way, for instance, we can also tag our car in a huge parking lot or even identify our footwear lost amidst many others.

2. Keep Tracking Life with AR while Enroute

No more taking your eyes off the road to look into the maps. AR goggles can project directions right in front of your eyes much as Jarvis did to Iron Man. You can seamlessly start walking without the fear of ever getting lost on your way.

3. Know your Journey

Your travel experience will be redefined. It will no more be about reaching your destination only. AR will help you know more about the places around you. Right from the best cafés around you to some place of historical importance; or maybe just fill your brain with some trivia facts about a place – AR will spice up your journey no matter what.

4. Connect with your Friends Nearby

AR can help you connect with your friends in the vicinity. You can then plan meetups or just join them for a drink without disrupting schedules. AR tracks your friends’ location and notifies you when anyone is around. You can then choose to interact with them, just wave at them, or maybe even find a way to ignore them. These features can be thought of as an advanced form of Facebook’s ‘Nearby’ feature.

AR took an initial stand as a tool to improve our gaming and entertainment experience. However, today AR is proving to be a tool that makes our lives better on a practical level. AR is planning to keep us more informed of our surroundings and also helping our social relations grow.

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  • Richard Smith

    AR will completely revamp how we navigate the world, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Steve Pearson

    Lightweight AR headsets that incorporate cameras and see-through displays will be a gamer changer.

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