Blockchain and Cybersecurity

Blockchain and Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is important because all our data is stored on the web. A hack could put our credentials on the line. How blockchain can help in improving cybersecurity is interesting to see.

The credentials that we use to gain access to our bank accounts, investments, medical records and other sensitive data are typically stored in databases owned by banks, financial institutions, hospitals and other organizations respectively. The storage architecture these organizations employ present a single point of attack for potential malicious intent. The strength and features of the blockchain technology is going to improve the way cybersecurity is implemented.

Strengths of Blockchain

Since a blockchain system is protected with the help of ledgers and cryptographic keys, attacking and manipulating it becomes extremely difficult. Blockchain decentralizes the systems by distributing ledger data on several systems rather than storing them on one single network. This allows the technology to focus on gathering data rather than worrying about any data being stolen. Thus, decentralization has led to an improved efficiency in blockchain-operated systems.

For a blockchain system to be penetrated, the attacker must intrude into every system on the network to manipulate the data that is stored on the network. The number of systems stored on every network can be in millions. Since domain editing rights are only given to those who require them, the hacker won’t get the right to edit and manipulate the data even after hacking a million of systems.

Since such manipulation of data on the network has never taken place on the blockchain, it is not an easy task for any attacker.

The Method Behind the Chain

While we store our data on a blockchain system, the threat of a possible hack gets eliminated. Everytime our data is stored or inserted into blockchain ledgers, a new block is created. This block further stores a key that is cryptographically created. This key becomes the unlocking key for the next record that is to be stored onto the ledger. In this manner, the data is extremely secure.

Furthermore, as already mentioned above, the data is stored in a decentralized form.

Cybersecurity using Blockchain

The hashing feature of blockchain technology is one of its underlying qualities that makes it such a prominent technology. Using cryptography and the hashing algorithm, blockchain technology converts the data stored in our ledgers. This hash encrypts the data and stores it in such a language that the data can only be decrypted using keys stored in the systems.

Other than cybersecurity, blockchain has many applications in several fields that help in maintaining and securing data. The fields where this technology is already showing its ability are finance, supply chain management, and blockchain-enabled smart contracts.

It is becoming increasingly interesting to see where blockchain steps foot next

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  • Shaswata Chatterjee

    If only I had been this early in the Blockchain trend, I have a lot of research to do.

  • Sofia Hernandez

    Great explanation

  • Ronald Harris

    I've always found the concept of blockchain to be rather cryptic, but at least I now understand a little bit better.

  • Gourav

    Superb content !!!!!!!

  • William Creggett

    A complete post on blockchain and cybersecurity. I also like the fact that you took your time to simplify the terminology

  • Caleb Poirier

    Honestly, the cyber security part is worrying me

  • Shaju Miah

    Blockchain has no boundaries

  • Kobe Pierce

    The ones that have created the concept of Blockchain are hard working people who should take pride in their jobs. This is absolutely revolutionary.

  • Mike001

    This is some groundbreaking stuff!

  • Kevin James

    I still think that Bitcoin isn't a secure cryptocurrency

  • Antonio Carlos

    I despise blockchain and cryptocurrencies, they are everywhere on the Internet

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    Finally someone who made a lot of sense on this topic and cleared up all the misconceptions

  • Bryan J

    This post should be trending for weeks!

  • Andrew

    It was easy to follow along and was relatively concise for the amount of content you provided. Thanks again!

  • Masila Mani

    Blockchain will have even more success this year than the previous one

  • Taylor Alexander

    This is helping me understand what I need to research to begin my blockchain dissertation

  • Yaling Zheng

    This is a really cool article that explains the mingling of blockchain and cybersecurity

  • Yasuo Satō

    blockchain is here to stay

  • Rohit Jayswal

    Now I know about the method behind the chain

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