How to Gain Followers On Twitter with 7 Growth Hacks

How to Gain Followers On Twitter with 7 Growth Hacks

Issac Thomas 04/07/2020 7
How to Gain Followers On Twitter with 7 Growth Hacks

When you talk about building an online presence, every social media platform comes with its own sets of rules and algorithms.

Talking about brands, Twitter is the most preferred platform for brands to stay in touch with their consumers because of a very simple reason- Twitter thrives on real-time communication. This article will talk about- how to gain followers on Twitter with 7 growth hacks.

With more than 300 million users globally and more than 100 million active daily users, Twitter is a hot place for brands to fuel their marketing campaigns. Today, every business on Twitter is striving hard to seek the attention of its customers, and due to this very reason, it is not that easy to build a brand presence there.

It takes a lot of planning, carefully executed content marketing strategies, and persistent efforts to carve a presence on Twitter.

Two aspects determine brand presence:

  • Number of followers
  • Engagement frequency

If you are a startup or a business trying to build a presence on Twitter, this article will show you how to gain followers on Twitter with 7 growth hacks.

1. Create Great Content

Content is the king, and when it comes to content marketing strategy, the King must be able to guide his troops. Without good content, you cannot build a strong presence on Twitter.

Create unique and good content in your niche that appeals to your audience.

It should not only entertain your target audience but must add value in some way or the other for them. Since creating content is a tedious task, you can up your game by curating the most relevant content through tools like Feedly on your niche and sharing it on your Twitter handle. The content should be engaging enough to get likes and retweets from your followers. 

2. Use Hashtags 

Be it starting a movement on Twitter with a hashtag like #metoo or a marketing campaign by Coco cola with the hashtag #shareacoke, the power of hashtags is impeccable. 

People use hashtags so that others can find their content online. When you use a hashtag, it automatically tells search engines what the post is about. That way, when someone enters a #hashtag on Twitter, it will show them all the tweets that had put that particular hashtag in their tweets.

Hashtags give the tweets a niche identity which makes it easier for users to find it. 

Many a time the hashtags in your tweets determine the organic reach, they will have. Using relevant hashtags doubles the engagement and can help you reach your target audience faster fetching you more followers. 

3. Employ Twitter Analytics 

As Peter Drucker rightly says, what cannot be measured cannot be managed.

Unless and until you don’t know how your content is performing, you can never fabricate a great content marketing strategy.

So, an analysis of your tweets is very important, and you can do that through Twitter analytics. 

Through Twitter analytics, it becomes very easy to identify your target audience, tweets that got the maximum engagement, less performing, and better-performing tweets. It will give you a precise idea of what is working for you, and what is not.

Accordingly, you can draft a Twitter marketing strategy and come up with a budget to boost engagement and increase the followers.

4. Know the Best Time to Tweet

Twitter thrives on real-time communication and due to this very reason, the time you post your tweet is critical. If you want your tweets to generate the maximum impact, you must know the right time to do it. Many brands have no idea when it comes to what can be the right time to post their tweets.

When I say the right time to tweet, I am not emphasizing on the generic right time to tweet as claimed by Influencers and different case studies.

Most people say the best time to post a tweet would be in the afternoons and engagements are usually higher on the weekends, but the problem is you are different, you have a different set of audience, and the whole analytics will be different in your case. 

5. Follow & Engage with Influencers

Find influencers in your niche- follow them, engage with them, and collaborate with them on creating content. Influencer marketing is quite effective because influencers have a better chance of telling a story to perfection to their audience.

People tend to believe a human face than a brand more.

As per Launchmetrics, more than 75% of marketers consider Influencer marketing as the most effective way to receive customer loyalty. So, follow the Twitter influencers in your niche, like their tweets, and retweet them. You not only build a strong brand presence on Twitter but also open doors for collaboration on a marketing campaign.

6. Retweet Your Tweets

Yes! Retweet your best performing tweets on a regular basis.

Twitter adds more users every single day, so retweeting your old tweets will always get an audience as there would be many who wouldn’t have read your tweet before.

It helps you reach a bigger audience which in turn helps in receiving better engagement. Moreover, if a tweet gets a good number of retweets, it can get indexed on Google which lets your tweet appear on Google search results.

7. Direct Messaging 

When I say direct messaging, it doesn’t mean you spam them with promotional messages. You direct message them to engage with them more and have better interactions, that should be the primary objective. Since you cannot DM everyone individually, employ a tool like Hootsuite that helps you with messaging people in bulk.

Message your audience in bulk and let them know how you can add value to their lives. Bingo! It will help your audience get into some good personal conversations with you; you know your customers in the process so do your customers know you. It is all about building better relationships after all.

So, if you are a startup or a business trying to evolve yourself into a brand on Twitter; you need to create great content, publish them with relevant hashtags, use Twitter analytics to gauge the performance of your tweets.

You must then stress on understanding the best time to tweet, engaging with influencers in your niche, retweeting your tweets, and last but not the least, DM your followers to get more meaningful interactions. Implementing these seven Twitter growth hacks will surely help you increase your followers and engagement frequency strengthening your brand presence on the social media platform. 

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  • Jason Philippidis

    I don’t care about followers, I prefer to get more engagement

  • Ryan Grant

    In reply to: Jason Philippidis

    Genuine followers carry you much further than you think

  • Kyle Wakefield

    Thanks for the tips !

  • Mason Tucker

    Twitter is so underrated. Donald Trump is the undisputed King of Twitter. He is a trendsetter and a marketing genius.

  • Jason Philippidis

    In reply to: Mason Tucker

    No he is not mate

  • Austin Yeager

    I am a new Twitter user... this is a massive help!

  • Peter Wilson

    Great tips

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