Simple Website Design Hacks all Developers Should Know

Simple Website Design Hacks all Developers Should Know

Anuja Lath 13/07/2021
Simple Website Design Hacks all Developers Should Know

Website development is not a task at hand these days but designing it, is.

Your every move counts, just like playing chess. Your next optimization could attract the audience and repel them too. You need to make every change by keeping your audience in consideration. 


This article brings to you some proven hacks that will enhance the optimization of your website and attract a huge crowd to your blog. 

Benefits of Designing a Website

When you optimize a website by taking into account your audience likings, you attract a sufficient amount of visitors. Moreover, it makes a very good impression on the first go. You are enabling your website to compete with rivalries through optimization. You can also reduce the bounce rate of your website alongside other benefits. 

Following are tips to enhance your website design: 

1. Style Your Content 

Typography is a technique where the written content is displayed on the screen in all ways attractive. This term also applies to symbols and numbers together with letters. When designing your written content, you need to ensure that it is easily readable. The colours in the background and for the written content should be appealing, and the audience should find it easy to understand.

Speaking of font selection, there are two families, namely, Serif and Sans Serif. Serif font is more inclined towards formal writings but Sans Serif refers to the modern structure. You can design your website with these broad categories or you can just mix and match the fonts easily. It should be appealing to the viewer so that one could easily figure out the context. 

Colour is the aspect that is the core inspiration and life of any website. Once you start making the website attractive with colours in an aesthetic manner, there is no stopping. Managing colours would be difficult, you can refer to the guide by colour palette for starters. First of all, the topic colour should be decided and then the colour of the main body text. Make it aesthetic enough to hold on to your viewers. For assistance, you can use Adobe colour

Mainly in magazines and papers, the initial styling is visible. It captures the audience's attention. This old technique can be modernized in accordance with your website design. This could be done in CSS language by writing the same thing. Type in the script as follows. By typing the following in the script: 

A: first letter {

Display: block;

Float: left;

Margin: 6 px;

Color: #000300

Font-size: 65px;


2. Enable Dark Mode 

The dark mode is the hype these days, websites use this customization by taking the health of the eyes of viewers into consideration. The dark mode is eligible for almost every platform. You can enable it to your website too, by using the appropriate coding in the body tag and then by creating a toggle with the help of javascript to activate that. If you want to learn more about javascript, click here

3. Make Good Use of Wireframes 

Wireframes are the first step to any website. It will enable the developer to look at things before actually adding the content on air. Wireframes help the designer to make sure that every information on the homepage and other pages is authentically and aesthetically provided and designed properly. 

4. Validate Link Style 

Whenever you visit a website, you are presented with a form, whether it is a standard or high-maintenance website. A shape that is necessary everywhere. If you are to create your own website, then you must ensure that it is accurate and informative at once. Try creating a form that accepts the password with at least 6 letters, it is easier for the viewer to remember and it is also not necessary to fill out the form for more than 3-4 minutes. This makes other work on your website easy for viewers.

Default visited links are a matter of old times, by creating links that match the current site design could help you to gain more points from viewers. Adding colours to the link might be a secret solution to this.

5. Enhance Website Performance

Loading time is one of the first impression attributes. Minimizing the time would help your page to rank. Suggestions one could help to optimize their website are, by ensuring that every CSS is inline, by decreasing the number of external files, by choosing appropriate CSS media types, and by embedding the font data to speed up fonts.

At times, it happens that your image breaks while you load, for different reasons. As a result, a broken image icon is displayed on the site. However, try showing the error message instead. This will improve the logical understanding of the viewer. 

Your website may offer an eye-catching upshot if you incorporate a fluttering effect. This may help you to distinguish yourself from other average websites. 

6. Add Animations and Filters 

By adding picture filters, you can improve the design of the website and make it blurry, grey, bright, saturated, inverted and hue rotate. You can optimize the image as you like but it should be your sole reason to make it easily accessible. If you require frame full-fledged animation you need to have a good grasp of javascript but the simple ones can be made via CSS.

7. Prioritize Content Alignment 

Spacing is the layout of the website. Movement is the principle of spacing. It is described as the eyes move on the website. Always align the content in such a way that it won’t be difficult for one to understand the concept. For instance, you must insert a button on an image, to make sure that people read the heading of the image along with the button on the same. Therefore, arrange it accordingly.  

With the maintenance of the content in the centre, the viewer can find and gather more information than the standard set. The content can be placed in the centre by placing the absolute code in the script.

To Conclude

Designing a website is challenging since each viewpoint must be understood. Also, one must also make his website sufficiently presentable to consider technical issues. Loading page time, bounce rate should be minimum. While the image quality should be the best, together with appropriate font styles added to the list, colours should be compared and the subject should be determined.

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