Upcoming Trends in Website Design

Upcoming Trends in Website Design

Anuja Lath 04/01/2021 3
Upcoming Trends in Website Design

Website design has evolved over the years. 2021 is bringing change. 

From following a simplistic and straightforward design to today's sci-fi technology, we have seen it all over the years.

The upcoming website design trends are inspired from the core values of realism and convenience. The aim is to foster visually appealing designs without compromising with usability.

It's a race to make futuristic technology look very relatable, and it sure makes 2021 an exciting year for web designers. They have an opportunity to showcase their creativity and set the community on fire with trend-setting website designs. 

Here are five upcoming website designs trends that you should keep an eye on:

1. "Address the Cause" Design 

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of creating web designs for a cause. It's a design template that focuses on virtues, causes, and movements. The visitors know what the web page is about at first glance. You can place a CTA to raise funds, spread awareness, or bring people together. 

Such a website design template glues your customers together and helps them become a part of the joint cause. Ensure that you develop a meaningful and impactful web design that catalyzes the process of uniting people together, albeit virtually, by collaborating with a website design company. There's nothing more satisfying than spreading love or increasing awareness about a social cause, and web designers should make merry of this opportunity. 

2. Dark Mode

Mobile applications and themes have rolled out their dark mode versions, and their response is overwhelming. The tide now turns towards web designs, and you'll find several websites with an optimized dark mode in 2021. It's the hottest trend and would only get bigger when web designs also feature the option to "enable dark mode." 

Dark mode reduces eye strain. It's an instrumental need given the average screen exposure that a person has nowadays. People spend more than 6 hours, 40 minutes on the internet each day. It's not good for their mental health nor their eyes. Deep thought must be given to regulate your online time spent. 

3. Minimalist Design 

Minimalism till 2020 has essentially been associated with smart usage of white spaces and toning down the flashy colors. 2021 is set to welcome a modified version of minimalism. Web design services are going to showcase colorful minimalism apart from the conventional white-heavy templates. 

Design minimalism
 isn't a new concept as Apple Inc. has used it right from the beginning. The changing trends have brought about differences in fonts, background colors, etc. However, the upcoming minimalist design trends would be completely unique and might also become the "go-to" design template for years to come. 

4. Gradient Color Schemes 

Web designers initially struggled to develop seamless color transitions. There was an element of force in the design, which degraded the website's overall look and feel. With troubleshooting and technological advancement, color gradient schemes look more lifelike than ever in 2020. 

Gradients are used to add depth or texture, beautify the viewing experience, and increase the content's visibility. Much like other website design trends, gradient color schemes have also evolved over time and looks like the best is finally about to arrive. We can anticipate anything from multicolor blending to supervised imperfection.

5. Black and White     

professional web design company has always used a black and white web design schema. So, what's new and trendy about it? When skillfully combined, black and white give you a unique grayscale to create something magical out of the ordinary. With the smart usage of a few black and white shades, you can develop a masterful web design that never fails to catch attention.

You need to figure out the right combination of black and white that seamlessly mixes with your website elements. Mix and match several times to understand the shade that the text, images, and icons should have. It's challenging, exciting, and needs time to master. For the same reason, it ranks among the most talked-about web design trends for 2021. 


Website design trends change with advancements in technology, consumer behavior, etc. It's critical to keep up with these trends to stay relevant in the digital marketplace. You can collaborate with the best website design companies for small business to ensure your website is always evolving with the latest trends.

Which trend in website design would rule the market in 2021? Mention in the comments section below. 

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  • Ross Wallace

    Light colours to rule 20201.

  • Kumar Mohit

    Interesting article

  • Edward George

    Gradient color chemes and dark mode will dominate the market.

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