The Next Phase of Machine Learning: MLaaS

The Next Phase of Machine Learning: MLaaS

Naveen Joshi 09/09/2018 6

Machine learning has successfully made its way into various industries. MLaaS is a path-breaking offering for businesses interested in using machine learning but lack the technical know-how or the the infrastructural support.

Machine learning is changing how the Internet works and is the fastest evolving technologies. It has transformed industries by making computing processes more reliable, cost-effective and efficient. Now, the growing trend of storing data on the cloud has introduced another player in the digital market. With the new addition of MLaaS , the cloud-based market earlier consisting of IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS have now come across a bigger competition. Cloud service providers are now embracing machine learning and launching services in machine learning.

MLaaS is the Next Big Thing

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence, responsible for training machines with data and making them capable of taking real-time decisions, without any human intervention. And now, with the transfer of machine learning to cloud servers, machine learning has become even more powerful. Because of its collaboration with cloud computing, the potential of machine learning isn’t limited to a particular business premise anymore.

MLaaS is a set of services that gives access to machine learning services without the need to hire data scientists. MLaaS provides a range of tools that enable any business to deploy machine learning in their organization without having to work on its implementation. MLaaS comprises of tools that support predictive analysis and deep learning, natural language processing, APIs, and data visualization. The reason behind the use of cloud computing as a platform for machine learning is cloud computing’s ability to offer massive data storage, high computational performance, and low deployment cost. Some of best MLaaS tools in the market are bigML, AWS ML, and Google ML. 

MLaaS Market Key Segmentation

The global market for MLaaS segmentation is based on the size of the organization, end-use industry, area of application, and geographical outreach. MLaaS market is not limited to large business alone. Small and medium business enterprises can also leverage MLaaS. The market for MLaaS ranges across services like fraud detection, risk management, and augmented and virtual reality, to name a few. MLaaS can find application in industries like aerospace, defense, IT, telecommunication, healthcare, retail, and finance. Geographically, the MLaaS market is spread across North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and LAMEA for now.

Companies have begun leveraging machine learning to innovate and experiment in their business. Even if a business is trying to figure out if machine learning is for them or not, MLaaS still continues to be a good choice. With a limited budget set out for experimenting with the technology, CIOs can place a safe bet on MLaaS.

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  • Laura Mcvay

    As machine learning capabilities are projected to be integrated in more platforms and software, enabling organizations to take advantage of them, the market is likely to witness a substantial rise in the years to come.

  • Ryan Miller

    I think that there are a number of great MLaaS startups in the market today...

  • Alan Bennett

    The global machine learning as a service (MLaaS) market is rising expeditiously mainly due to the Internet revolution.

  • Jack Hubbard

    The process of connecting the world virtually has generated vast amount of data which is boosting the adoption of machine learning solutions.

  • Lisa Mitson

    I like the fact that machine learning as a service solutions are also adopted across industry verticals to enhance the decision making capability of machines.

  • abhilash social

    thanks for your valuable information.
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