Top Internet Providers in the USA

Top Internet Providers in the USA

Noah Rue 21/02/2022
Top Internet Providers in the USA

The Internet plays a crucial role in our modern world.

We are so dependent on the internet that we cannot even afford to go offline for even a minute. That is why we see people on their phones and laptops even when they are outside. That’s the level of dependence we have over the internet, but it wasn’t always like this and there have been quite substantial reasons and happenings that occurred over a span of half a century that has led us to this point.

There was a time when the internet was a new thing and many considered it as a new technological gimmick whose hype would die down over time. Now we all know how wrong those people were. Because over time instead of fading away the influence of the internet grew stronger and stronger.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the internet was a luxury back in the day, that is why we can’t entirely blame early people for calling it a technological gimmick. It was a gimmick that was only within the reach of certain high-profile individuals and corporate firms. The Internet was either used in defense and military agencies or in universities and big corporations for the quick exchange of data and information.

Although, with the passage of time and technological advancement the internet infrastructure grew to include more and more areas, which allowed more and more people to get their hands on this modern technology. In the early 90s, the internet was commercialized and Microsoft and Netscape made the first internet browsers Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator respectively that allowed regular users to access the internet.

Even at that time the internet was an expensive service and it took further two decades for the internet to become affordable enough that almost everyone in the world was able to enjoy this service. Now internet is available at a much more economical cost, if you check out the plans by Charter Spectrum the second biggest internet provider in the country you will see that the prices are quite economical even for high-speed packages.

With these developments, the majority soon realized the potential of the internet and started adopting it in their day-to-day routines including firms such as While the internet was such a versatile technology, it seamlessly integrated with all walks of life. Now we see that businesses, education, past time activities, communication, and long-distance information sharing are done using the internet. But as we are being more and more dependent on the internet this has posed a huge problem as well which we will discuss below.

Why is a Reliable Internet Connection Necessary?


Since the internet is the sole means of our communication with the outside world and after the pandemic has become the sole support for people working remotely, students associated with online learning, e-commerce business owners, and people who use it for leisure activities like streamers and gamers. This just gives an idea of how deeply rooted the internet is in our society. Whether they are sensitive tasks like working from home or something insignificant like watching a movie online. All these activities are dependent on the internet.

In a way, the bread and butter of a majority of people depend on a good, stable internet connection, while the whole online education system is also based on the internet.

This means that our daily lives would be disrupted if the internet goes down today, and this can hamper not only our personal lives but our professional lives as well, including educational activities. This means that today a reliable internet connection has become a necessity and something which we can’t take lightly

However, the unfortunate matter of fact is that due to the immense saturation and cutthroat nature of the telecom business, the quality of the internet has deteriorated continuously ever since it was commercialized. That is because there are major stakeholders in this industry that prefer their profits over the quality of service that they are providing to the customer. That is why we recommend our users to go with top service providers of the country that have a loyal customer base and a brand image constructed over years of good service. 

Major Internet Providers


There are more than 7,000 internet providers in the USA alone and not all of them provide the exact level of service. That is why we have made this list of the top two providers of the country that offer exceptional internet services in various states and cities all around the US.


At number one comes the number one ISP of the country, Xfinity. It is backed by the telecom giant Comcast which can be the sole reason to subscribe and trust its quality of service. But Xfinity doesn’t just play on its brand name but also provides exceptional internet to its customers spanning over 40 states.

With flexible and affordable packages that are in reach of every type of consumer Xfinity has become the biggest service provider in the country with more than 30 million internet customers all over the US. Plus it is also the provider which is mostly available in all parts of the country, which means that probably Xfinity services are going to be available in the area where you live. Recently Xfinity also became the service provider offering the highest speeds to its residential customers, up to 3000 Mbps. If all these reasons don’t convince you to become an Xfinity customer, nothing else will. 


Coming in at close second is Spectrum, also the second biggest internet provider of the country behind Xfinity. Surprisingly, Spectrum is available in 44 states but the thing is that it covers portions of a state with a major presence being in California, New York, and Texas. Spectrum was previously known as Charter but it significantly grew in size after the acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Brighthouse Networks. This gave spectrum access to more areas and consumers.

Spectrum is also giving quite a tough competition to Xfinity through its high-speed internet service that comes at a sparingly low price. Plus the quality of service and customer support provided by Spectrum is exceptionally good. One more positive aspect about Spectrum is that they give a lot of free stuff as a standard with every internet package including a free modem, access to a nationwide network of hotspots, and a free internet security suite. All this comes without a contract and unlimited data, the two biggest advantages over its competitor Xfinity. 

Other Major Internet Providers in the United States


  • AT&T Internet Services

  • Charter Communications

  • Consolidated Communications (including FairPoint Communications and SureWest)

  • Cox Communications

  • Frontier Communications

  • Lumen Technologies

  • Mediacom

  • Sparklight

  • TDS Telecom

  • Verizon High Speed Internet

  • Windstream (including Earthlink)


A reliable internet connection provides more convenience to users. There are many top providers that you can pick including those mentioned in this article. We by no means intend to portray that other providers are bad. However, we just want to educate our readers that they should get internet services from a reputable ISP as a lot depends on a stable internet connection in the current landscape. As Spectrum and Xfinity are two of the biggest providers covering the majority of the United States, it becomes easy for a user to decide as either one of these two providers is definitely going to be in their area.

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