The Paradoxical Work Force

It's a recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours, Harry S. Trumen. After several months where work seemed stalled on several fronts, things finally started to become busier again recently, enough so that I've had only minimal opportunities to update my LinkedIn posts. However, I've been thinking hard about the nature of work for a while now, and have come to some disturbing conclusions about what I think is happening structurally worldwide.


Companies Can Personalize Marketing without Being Creepy

When Mary Meeker’s most recent Internet Report came out, a few things caught my eye. A lot of what Mary talks about is the shift to social, video, more interactive, virtual experiences and walled gardens (Facebook and Google own 85% share of digital spend). While ad spend continues to migrate to digital channels, marketers are shifting dollars to focus on delivering quality branded experiences over volume-based programmatic ads.


Why Should You Know Which Bucket People in Your Network Belong to?

All of us have a small group of people who are close to us - people who we work with; we value; we like; we spend time with; or we maybe envy. I like to divide these people in three buckets - 


How to Treat Pneumonia, and Science

A recent Cochrane meta-analysis reaches the succinct, clear, and rather startling conclusion that the treatment of severe pneumonia should include corticosteroids (generally known simply as “steroids”) to reduce mortality and morbidity alike. That unusually decisive and rather emphatic punch line is fortified by this fact: the practice is apt to save a life for every 18 patients or so treated (a parameter in clinical epidemiology known as the “number needed to treat”).


Chief Growth Officer and The Healthcare System

Just for S&G's (Snickers and Giggles) me a favor. Input only a comma on your LinkedIn search and hit SEARCH. You should come up with close to 143 Million people.

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