5 Reasons To Try Influencer Marketing

5 Reasons To Try Influencer Marketing

Anas Bouargane 18/12/2019 4

As a growing business, you’ll be well aware of the criticality of great marketing. Competition is fierce regardless of which industry you operate in. To ensure that you stand out and get noticed, it’s vital to keep brainstorming new strategies and keeping up with the latest marketing tactics. Influencer marketing campaigns have gained increased popularity over the last few years. For those considering jumping on the bandwagon, here are five good reasons you should.


1. Target Audience Appeal

Marketing seeks to gain the appeal of an audience, and turn that appeal into sales, connections and loyalty. The great thing about influencers is that many of them will already have the appeal and loyalty of your ideal audience. It’s just a case of finding the right influencers. Use sites like BuzzSumo to search for influencers that are related to your industry and values. When you choose the right influencer, you’ll find that they are already interacting with your target audience. Over time their appeal is going to lead to your appeal with those followers.

2. Subtle Promotion

Consumers don’t like to feel like they are being told what to buy. Due to this, digital marketing that feels too much like a sales pitch isn’t always well received. The great thing about influencer marketing is that the campaigns are designed to feel organic and authentic- unlike traditional forms of advertising. An influencer will weave you into their content naturally with the intention of a subtle promotion. An influencer may post a creative piece of content about their life which mentions your brand. When their followers like or comment on the post, it’s then your choice if you wish to reply to these people and make a connection.

3. Boost Brand Power

Even micro-influencers have plenty of followers, which means plenty of exposure for your branding. The more people who hear about you, the more that your brand awareness and power increases. What’s more, association with the right kind of influencers will gain you popularity. Active followers of an influencer respect their opinions, and so when your brand is endorsed, many people will immediately want to know more about you.

4. Ramp up your SEO

When your brand is referred to on an influencer blog, you’ll get some top back-links straight to your site. Search engines recognise credible and authoritative links, so working with the right influencers could really stand to boost your SEO. When it comes to online marketing, SEO is paramount to success. Once you’ve tried out an SEO tactic or two yourself, it can be a great idea to call in a good digital marketing agency to help you to improve even further.

5. Creative Content 

Influencers are excellent at producing creative content, and this is what you need to stand out in a crowded market place. With so many similar companies competing for attention, it’s original and creative content which enhances your appeal. As more brands begin to use influencer marketing, you’ll want to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors.

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