6 Ways VPN Can Improve Your Online Business

6 Ways VPN Can Improve Your Online Business

Anas Bouargane 11/06/2020 5
6 Ways VPN Can Improve Your Online Business

As computer technology gets more advanced so do the security systems that are used to protect it, to the point that sometimes we do not even understand the purpose of this new technology, and VPNs are no different. A VPN or virtual private network, for the layman, is basically a technology that allows you to create a secure internet connection when using a public network.

You may be thinking that you have virus blockers etc, so why do I need this? Well, as an online business owner it is absolutely vital that all your information is secure, so here we will discuss 6 ways how a VPN can improve your business.

Reducing security breaches

In the modern world maintaining the security of our data is paramount. We all know that scammers and hackers will try every trick in the book to steal our data so we need to protect against it and the best way is via a VPN. With employees being increasingly mobile they will often log into their work accounts using public wifi, for example in a coffee shop, and hackers could steal your data through this public wifi. Using a VPN eliminates this risk keeping all your data safe and secure, and decreases the risk of a hacker targeting your company.

Your clients will feel more secure 

If you make your clients and business partners aware that your employees are using VPN’s to access their email or confidential information, it means that any data sent between your two companies will be secure. This will give them huge peace of mind and they will be much more likely to continue doing business with a firm that they know is up to date with modern security protocols. Just ensuring your data is secure can actually lead to increased business which really is a win-win situation


The price of VPNs has fallen as they become more prevalent and you can find them nowadays for as little as $10 per month. But how do I go about choosing one with so many on the market? Well, if you check out this URL then you can compare and contrast the benefits of using the different providers on the market, ensuring the best fit for your needs. Given the low cost, it really does make sense to improve your online security without impacting your budget constraints.

Hide your location

One of the additional benefits of using a VPN is that it will hide your true location. If you are a multinational company you may have many employees on the road that constantly need access to different websites in order to do their work. Well, many countries block access to certain websites, China being the most notorious. If you are from Canada, for example, and have a Canadian VPN, then no matter where you are in the world, it will appear as if you are in Canada so you will have full access to the web, meaning your staff can carry on with work as normal.


Many people are incredibly security conscious in their personal lives, so if they find their work security is compromised then they may be wary of using the internet to its full potential if they are on the road using open public networks. This may well impact on the productivity of your workforce and therefore your business, especially if they are young and technologically savvy. By providing your employees with secure access to data you will find that they are more likely to stop at a coffee shop to use the internet, driving up productivity.

Change of IP address

When you use a VPN, part of the process surrounding the creation of a secure internet connection is that it will change your IP address. Whilst, as we have already discovered, this is useful in hiding your true location, it will also stop anybody tracking your company’s data and internet activities, whether to extort money out of you or to steal commercially sensitive information. This makes your whole business more secure and allows you to concentrate on making money.

VPNs can benefit online businesses in many ways, but the most important is that it will allow you to protect important company data from hackers and prying eyes. Furthermore, your employees will be enabled to work more efficiently from remote locations and it will also hide your location allowing you to work from countries that censor their internet. As VPS’s are available at such a low cost, it is a no brainer that your business will benefit from using one.

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  • Andrew Taylor

    I don't feel safe when I am online...

  • Louise Kelly

    VPN is affordable... Don't know why people are complaining.... Get one and protect your business.

  • Scott Andrews

    Just need to upgrade my computer to get a new VPN provider

  • Emma Gurner

    No brainer for me ! Security first !

  • William Tutt


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