Are You Outsourcing Your Marketing? You Should Be!

Are You Outsourcing Your Marketing? You Should Be!

Daniel Hall 17/11/2021
Are You Outsourcing Your Marketing? You Should Be!

Did you know that marketing was once considered a passing trend?

Something that only the fanciest companies dealt with in the big leagues, marketing has been one constant change in every single industry. Yes, that’s an oxymoron, but that doesn't mean that it's not true. Marketing strategies are constantly changing and evolving and the more we invest in our technology, the more we should be looking at how it can help us in the long run.

Traditional marketing strategies - while still being used - are largely passed over for digital marketing options, and there’s a good reason for that! We’re spending more and more time online, so it makes sense that we would want to spend our money in the right places with the right marketing geniuses - correct? The internet is raising the stakes for those who are heavily investing in PPC services and SEO services. It’s becoming harder for businesses to keep up with all the changes and it makes sense. These digital advances are making it difficult to keep up because what businesses need to know is changing. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to keep up without having to go back to school and retrain. There are outsourcing agencies for all things marketing that can help. 

Without those agencies, many of the businesses today are struggling to keep the momentum going, and so if you’re not already outsourcing your marketing, you need to be. Still on the fence? That’s okay - we’ve got a good few of the reasons you should be outsourcing your marketing. 


1. You’re going to have the benefit of skills and experience you currently do not possess. You might not know how to run a marketing campaign, and you’re not expected to when there are experts out there who can do it for you. Not only do you need to know how the best software works, you need to know how the customers think and what they need. You need to create campaigns, which means you need social media experts, software geniuses and copywriters with a knack for words. You have to think of the bigger picture, and it's not always a picture you can paint alone.

2. You’re going to access the right tools. Do you have every piece of digital equipment in your office? It’s very impressive if you do, but even if you did there’s no guarantee that you know how to work all of it. You need up to date tools that can track and obtain the best results in your marketing strategies. Without them, you’re going to struggle! You need the right software and hardware to make your ideas for marketing come to life, which means that you need experts who own all that equipment. Outsourced agencies can do this for you. 

3. You’ll get the best practices. There are a lot of policies to consider when you are marketing for your business, let alone the fact you don't want to steal ideas from others and put them forward as your own. You need to work in the scope of best practice for your industry and the best thing to do here is to ensure that you are outsourcing: the expert you pick will know how to work in the right practice for your industry, which can help you to go a long way for your clients. 

4. Bridging the gap is much easier. You are not expected to know absolutely everything in business and when you are outsourcing your marketing function, you’re saying that. You are telling people that you don't know enough, but that you know enough to find someone who can do it all for you - and you’d be right to do it. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you don't know something and there’s everything right with giving over to someone who does. You’ll still be doing the best thing for your business as a result.


5. You’ll save money. When it comes to it, you’re going to save much more money when you hire an expert to handle your marketing than you will trying to buy everything that you need to do it yourself. You don't have to spend on software and hardware, manpower and even your time - which costs money - won’t be spent on it. Handing it to someone else gives you breathing room, and that’s what you need to be successful in your marketing. An expert is one cost, not several, and it’s a cost that’s worth it when you need extra help! 

6. You’ll protect your business continuity. If you have the right time and energy invested in your business, you’ll keep it all running and moving forward. Adding new projects and campaigns is much simpler and you can ask for updates when you want them. Outsourcing your marketing helps you to have a team working with you but outside the business walls. You can also guarantee that your business marketing strategy is always up to date and where it should be. 

7. You’ll be able to focus. When you can trust that your marketing strategy will be in the right hands, you can guarantee that you can focus on other business activities. This allows you to be stronger in those than worrying whether you have the time and the energy for them. This way, you’ll know that your business will be able to continue moving forward as you finally have the time and energy to make it so. While you can multitask, why would you want to if you don't have to? You’re going to increase your productivity and you will be able to finally run your business as you’ve always imagined you could.

Outsourcing marketing is smart. It’s not like you’re admitting to failing at something. In fact, the failure would be in NOT asking for help when you know you could get it. Take your time and choose the right place to channel your marketing and you'll be grateful that you chose it for yourself.

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