Creating Magic While Using Logic - Journey of a Mompreneur

Creating Magic While Using Logic - Journey of a Mompreneur

Parul Agrawal 12/08/2018 4

When we let logic get in the way of magic, we remove seeds of magic from the soil of logic.

Noam Kostucki 

Magic and science. Logic and emotion. Efficiency and creativity. The theory of liberalization says that the human brain is separated into two cerebral hemispheres, the left and the right brain. In general, the left and right hemispheres of our brain process information in different ways. The left is considered the logical, analytical, attentive, objective and rational side. This is the part we use to process language, facts, science, math and strategies. The right side, however, is driven by feelings, beliefs, imagination and subjective thinking. It is creative, impulsive, intuitive, thoughtful and processes visuals. 

Over the past year or so, I have been struggling to find the right balance between magic and logic or in other words the right balance between my left and right brain. 

The brain, which works on the ‘use it or lose it principle,’ has often been likened to a muscle — the more you use it, the better it gets. My training, my education and my growing up years were predominantly logic based. Things were supposed to be done in a certain way- mathematically, analytically, logically and practically. I have a fairly good intuition and imagination. However, taking calculative risks for every situation in life and thinking linearly, I somehow lost touch with my creative, magical side. I am not even sure if I believed in magic as a kid, I was more concerned about finding the technical details behind the trick. And I use the same principle in my business today-  finding the best time proven strategies to optimize ROI by successfully meeting the needs of my customers.

So last week when my business coach from Abundance Cubed Coaching Program asked me to keep my logic aside and use my magic to create my masterpiece, I was at loss of ideas. My brain- both right and left just stopped working and I kept staring at the email trying to understand the jumble of words- magic/logic, logic/magic. Too complicated!!

My very first thought was magic doesn’t work in business. We need to have a plan, short term goals, long term goals, a definitive timeline and strategies to achieve those goals within the defined period. This is all very logical, isn’t it? My very next emotions were those of fear and doubt- how does believing in magic help me in my professional life? What if I invest my time and energy in creating something that might seem magical to me but not to others. What if there are no takers for my products or services?

Coming from a Bollywood crazy country, my closest association with magic was that of a tall, dark, handsome man coming on a white horse, rescuing her lady love at the time of distress to live a life happily ever after. But reality is different from a fictional story and I cannot build my business waiting for that magical moment when everything will fall in place just because I believe in it. This was the left side of my brain talking to me.

I do not consider myself a creative person. I cannot paint, but I can write fairly well. I cannot dance, but I can act very well even on stage in front of live audience. I can find beauty in the ugliest of things and I believe in supernatural forces with mystical powers. So does this mean that I am creative and believe in magic? Is it possible for me to keep my fear aside, retrain the right side of my brain and create a magical business and life? I am not sure if I will be able to remove the soil of logic from the seeds of magic but I definitely know that I want to experience a fearless life that is less dictated by logic and is pure magic. I definitely want to find that perfect balance between logic and magic!!

Recommended viewing: Infographic by on Left brain vs Right Brain

Image Courtesy: Image Shark Blues & UCMAS

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  • Nathan Richardson

    Intuition is important as it allows us to recognize repetition and apply relevant strategies or integrate relevant information when working on subproblems.

  • Steve Wright

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing your experience.

  • Richard Powell

    Common sense is not that common.

  • Ellison Reed


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