Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Anas Bouargane 01/09/2019 6
Creative Marketing Ideas for Your Business

Much like the development of the latest trends, the business world is always evolving. While it is important to stay loyal to your brand and the mission statement you represent, it is also important to tailor your marketing strategy to reach out as many people as possible. 

The most loved marketing campaigns that make the biggest impact are those that make the consumer think about their place in the the world at large and the industry. Larger, national campaigns are more adept at doing this - with reputation, customer loyalty, and money behind them. However, it is also important for smaller companies to start to think outside the box when it comes to their marketing and audience reach. 

Using creative and innovative marketing campaigns can help smaller businesses to attract new customers.

Depending on the nature of the company, taking a creative approach the marketing, may not be your specialty, but there are always methods to increase your online presence, and improve traffic to your website. 

Spending a little money on creative approaches to your digital marketing campaign can really enhance your revenue. 

Here are some ideas to consider when working on your next marketing scheme. 

Utilize Healthy Competition-Giveaways

Everybody loves the prospect of getting something for nothing, and a giveaway includes another natural human condition: competition.

Give away whatever you want, as long as it is something related to your brand. Maybe you’re a business specializing in indoor plants, and you want to raise awareness of your brand by giving away a small selection of succulents. Put a question or riddle for your entry and encourage participants to ‘like’ your page on facebook and follow you on Instagram, as well as sharing the competition image. This is a cost-effective way of broadening your audience engagement, too as it creates a lasting impression.

Typically, some competitions fail for a couple of reasons 1) Asking for too much for the entry in order to qualify or 2) the prize having nothing to do with your brand. Another example is the stakes being too high-- for example, a brand new car as a prize item will create hype, but it has nothing to do with indoor plants. 

Another easy way to enhance brand awareness is by having branded products such as pens, stress balls and yo-yos that can be handed out with flyers and leaflets, too. 

Design Your Graphics to Represent Your Brand 

A seamless website experience enhances the overall customer satisfaction for those visiting, it needs to be easy to navigate, as well as being logical in its layout, as well as being accessible to a larger audience. 

A user’s experience of your website actually starts, even before they click to access the homepage. In order for your online digital marketing schemes to actually work to inspire people to click through to your website, the graphic design of your ads needs to be prioritized. In order to be creative with your digital marketing, you shouldn’t be afraid of using visuals that attract the attention of a potential customer. 

Audience members should be able to tell from a glance what the company is all about and to guess some of the services offered. Good and creative use of graphics can be used to tell that story. Maybe your logo cleverly used typography to make the shape of a plant with a predominantly green background, for example. 

Create Powerful Video Marketing Content

Video marketing is the use of videos to promote and market products. In addition to this, it can increase engagement on digital and social channels, whilst educating customers and potential customers using an alternative medium. This is not a new concept, 2016 saw a rise of video marketing for businesses, with it rising to the top of the list in 2017, and in 2018 it transformed into an entire business strategy. In 2019, the use of video has evolved into video personalization. 

This means that video content will not just be left to
video production services, but will be produced by all teams in a conversational measurable and actionable way, personalized to the consumer-- it is a very powerful outreach tool! 

Break Down the Fourth Wall Using Social Media

"Authenticity" has been a growing marketing buzzword, and businesses are also using it to show their customers who they are and what they are all about. 

Social media is a good platform to showcase authenticity, removing the marketing middleman. Regular updates and sharing photographs allow the customer to feel involved with knowing what goes on behind the scenes. 

Consumers will comment on posts. Easily accessible social media platforms mean that these comments can be responded to quickly in real-time.

Consumers are being marketed to without making them feel like they are being sold an item or service. 

People buy from people over businesses, and authentic marketing breaks down the fourth wall by showing the human side of the business, developing trust.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) can be achieved as well, by participating in popular Instagram challenges, such as #throwbackthursday, for example. 

Maintain Accessible and Engaging Content 

Create content that people want to read. Nobody looks online for a product or service to feel as though they are reading a school book with keywords strung together.
The online audience responds to engaging, current content with value. This is particularly important when it comes to posting on a company blog. 

The blog may be the first place that customers look at when they have questions around what you do, or how your company can help them. The posts should be engaging, relevant to your product, and remain up to date. It’s part of maintaining a website. A website where the last post was from several months or a year ago may seem out of date and make a consumer doubt the authenticity of the company. Posts should be authentic, representing the voice of both the reader and the company. 

A creative digital strategy will result in more engagement from your target audiences and therefore enhance reach and sales.

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