Drive Efficiency in Hiring with Recruitment Intelligence

Drive Efficiency in Hiring with Recruitment Intelligence

Naveen Joshi 11/02/2022
Drive Efficiency in Hiring with Recruitment Intelligence

The introduction of AI in recruitment processes will result in efficient recruitment as AI algorithms are capable of analyzing data and making appropriate decisions without the need for human intervention.

The currently existing recruitment processes have largely resulted in inefficient recruitment. One of the major reasons for this is that recruiters are often engrossed in multiple activities to fill a single job position. This means that they can’t dedicate all of their time and energy to a single candidate. Also, when it comes to the final decision-making, recruiters can become biased and hire a candidate with the personality that they prefer instead of other high-quality candidates purely based on the performance of the candidate. However, this is all set to change with recruitment intelligence or the introduction of AI in the recruitment process. It will impact most of the processes involved in recruitment, resulting in efficient recruitment.

Improving Online Applications

With the incorporation of recruitment intelligence, the process of resume screening can be improved significantly, leading to efficient recruitment. The AI-driven recruitment intelligence software can intelligently analyze a large number of candidate CVs and prioritize them by analyzing keywords. It helps expedite the process significantly as compared to manual screening and also helps find better candidates. A recruitment intelligence tool also brings predictive analytics capabilities that can help target passive candidates and increase the candidate pool size, leading to improved hiring decisions.


Enhancing Candidate Communication

With AI-enabled autoresponders and chatbots, candidates can get their doubts and questions answered in real-time without human intervention. The AI algorithms with Natural Language Processing capabilities can analyze and understand textual content and provide a response accordingly. This helps eliminate a major problem faced by candidates in the recruitment process, i.e., communication delays. However, with recruitment intelligence, candidates can find answers quickly, and this helps keep candidates involved in the hiring process, which leads to improving the quality of hire.

Vetting Best-Suited Candidates

With recruitment intelligence, online interviews can be conducted without the need for a human interviewer. AI algorithms can assess candidates autonomously by analyzing facial expressions, body posture, and speech patterns of the candidates to assess their soft skills. This helps get a better understanding of the overall personality of each candidate to determine whether they will be the right fit for the organization. Similarly, the hard-skills of the candidates can also be analyzed without a human recruiter as the responses provided by the candidates can be autonomously analyzed with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and Computer Vision technology, helping save time for recruiters and reduce human errors and bias.

AI-based recruitment intelligence helps relieve most of the stress experienced by recruiters in the current processes. It enables them to focus on important aspects of hiring and also helps save time. This results in a highly efficient recruiting process leading to a better quality of hire in a short time.

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Naveen Joshi

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Naveen is the Founder and CEO of Allerin, a software solutions provider that delivers innovative and agile solutions that enable to automate, inspire and impress. He is a seasoned professional with more than 20 years of experience, with extensive experience in customizing open source products for cost optimizations of large scale IT deployment. He is currently working on Internet of Things solutions with Big Data Analytics. Naveen completed his programming qualifications in various Indian institutes.

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