From Manual to Automated Compliance: How Contractor Companies Manage Their Workforce

From Manual to Automated Compliance: How Contractor Companies Manage Their Workforce

Daniel Hall 02/09/2023
From Manual to Automated Compliance: How Contractor Companies Manage Their Workforce

Employers who have never collaborated with independent contractors before should know the difference between working with them and traditional workers.

Namely, those who are independent are generally more flexible in various ways.

This refers to the location they work from, the conditions they work in, and the control they have over specific areas of their work. Even though there is a difference between these types of workers, it doesn't mean that you cannot do anything to ensure your workforce is productive and effective.

In fact, there are a number of ways you can accomplish that. If you want to find out what most contractor companies do to manage their independent contractors, then take a look at these informative facts below.

Establish A Solid Connection With Them


We know that some employers believe that the relationship with their workers should be strictly professional. Although everyone has the right to do what they think it’s best, don’t you think that it would be much better if you built a relationship with your workers that isn’t that superficial?

It doesn't mean that you should become best friends with these people, but small gestures of gratitude and appreciation can go a long way. Show that you remember when their birthday is, or that you know the names of their family members, etc.

Small things like that. After all, they are human beings who love to feel respected and valued. This way, you will not only show them that, but you’ll also establish an excellent relationship with them which can only positively affect their productivity and overall approach to work.

It Doesn’t Hurt To Try Out A Good Time-Tracking Software

If you have a feeling that your employees are not as professional and responsible when it comes to certain deadlines, then maybe you should opt for this tool. We noticed latterly, that a lot of business owners have a tendency to turn to a first-class time tracking solution whenever they want to get a better insight into the productivity of their independent contractors. With the help of this tool, they’ll be able to tell if they are slacking off, or not.

Generally speaking, this tool can be used for both traditional workers and independent ones. Furthermore, it’s going to help you properly allocate work all across your company, so make use of it.

Consider Having A Written Agreement

No matter how trustworthy this person may seem to be at first glance, at the end of the day, no one can guarantee you that they are going to be one hundred percent professional, and diligent about their work.

That's exactly why you should consider creating a written agreement. Many employers told us that this is, by far, one of the most effective ways to manage your independent contractors. So what is it supposed to look like?

For starters, you should outline every single expectation you have concerning a specific project, and of course, emphasize pivotal aspects of it, like the deadline, milestone, payment terms, etc.

Another thing that you could also add (although that’s not as essential as the above-mentioned elements) is the information about the tools you’ll be providing your worker with and what he or she is obligated to bring as well.

Communication Must Be Crystal Clear

In every single relationship/collaboration, crystal-clear communication is of huge importance. Before you even take any further steps when it comes to any project, it would be recommendable to first restore a process for communicating progress.

How often will you be communicating with your independent contractor? Are you planning on doing so through emails, phone calls, maybe a messaging software app, or anything else? Now, this doesn't mean that you must talk to your worker several times throughout the day, however, it would be smart to have relatively consistent communication, so you can quickly resolve any potential problems.

Apart from this, by having great communication, you will make sure that all your goals and demands are being met. Additionally, if by any chance, more than one department is included in your projects, then you should consider appointing a single point of contact for the independent contractor.

Why is this such a good idea? Namely, something like this will help the contractor deal with any delays in case they are obligated to wait for someone’s approval which can sometimes take forever.


There's no doubt that having an independent contractor on your team is a phenomenal idea, however, just like with a traditional one, you still need to find a way to manage him/her. By implementing some of the tips we mentioned today, you'll be able to execute this smoothly.

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