Getting More Out Of Your Career: Ways To Climb The Ladder

Getting More Out Of Your Career: Ways To Climb The Ladder

Anas Bouargane 14/01/2020 4

Do you ever feel like you spend the majority of your time watching the clock hands tick, or do you have ambitions to progress faster than you’re currently moving? Whether you love your job, or you’re looking to find something new, there are ways to get more out of your career and develop better prospects. 

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Find a Job that Stretches You

If you do the same thing day in, day out, or you feel like you’re capable of achieving more, work can become tiresome and your motivation levels may drop. Most of us want to be challenged at the same time as getting enjoyment and satisfaction out of our jobs. If you’re bored, or you feel like you’re not fulfilling your potential, you have two choices. You can either stick at what you’re doing and aim to secure a more senior position or go it alone, or you can consider other career options. If you want to stay in the same sector, it’s worth investigating training opportunities and making sure that your employer knows that you’re keen to progress. If openings are few and far between at your current workplace, have a look around for vacancies with other employers. Alternatively, you could go freelance and take control of your own schedule and client base. 

Understand the Value of Training and Studying

You might be qualified for the job you have now, but do you have the skills, training and qualifications to get the position you want? Training programs and academic courses enable you to expand your knowledge base and develop expertise, which will stand you in good stead when looking for a new job. Undertaking further study can also boost your chances of earning more in the future, and your new skills might also make you more employable. Online courses like those available at Regis College are an excellent idea for those who want to work and study at the same time. You can improve your prospects and gain advanced skills while generating an income by fitting your studies in around your work commitments. 

Consider Becoming a Specialist

We often think about jobs as individual roles that involve a specific list of tasks. In reality, a job title is an umbrella term, which branches off into several different, diverse roles. Think of a nurse, for example. We tend to conjure up images of nursing working in hospitals caring for sick patients on a ward. In truth, there are multiple types of nursing jobs, and nurses work in a range of different settings, carrying out an array of tasks. In almost any job, it’s possible to climb the ladder by becoming a specialist and advancing your expertise and skills in a specific area. Advanced nurse practitioners, for example, earn more than junior nurses, and if you have a niche interest, for example, oncology, your skills may be particularly sought-after. The higher the demand for your expertise, the better your career prospects. This example can be applied to several fields, from medicine and dentistry to law, business consulting and architecture. 

Create Your Own Opportunities

In some sectors, it’s much easier to progress than in others. If you feel like opportunities are limited, and you’re not able to move as rapidly as you anticipated, consider the possibility of opening doors yourself. If senior staff members at your organization have been in place for years with no signs of any movement, have you thought about setting up on your own? You could launch your own business or take on freelance work. If you choose to embrace the freelance model, you can choose your clients, you can set your fees, and you have control over when and where you work. Being your own boss carries risks, but if you get it right, there’s a lot to gain from forging your own path. Make use of contacts, research the market to analyze the competition and find out how to market your venture effectively, and attend networking events. Once you have plans in place, and you’re ready to start working for yourself, get your name out there and make sure people know that your services are up and running. 

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If you feel like you have more to give, or you don’t particularly enjoy your job, there are steps you can take to get more out of your career and climb the ladder. Whether you want to secure a promotion, you’re interested in a change of direction, or you’re toying with the idea of starting your venture, it’s worth exploring different possibilities, weighing up your options and trying to pursue an avenue that will help you fulfil your potential and enjoy greater job satisfaction. 

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  • John Robson

    If you are not happy with your position within a business, move to another one. Keep on applying until you find a company that value your skills.

  • Keith Ford

    Ain't gonna lie we are all doing it for the money

  • David Hughen

    No one is irreplaceable except AI :p

  • Mike Fletcher

    Thanks for the tips

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