Increasing Security and Transparency in the Business World

Increasing Security and Transparency in the Business World

Naveen Joshi 10/08/2022
How Blockchain is Increasing Security and Transparency in the Business World

Blockchain makes data available to everyone at any time, so that all transactions are transparent.

Today, organizations are leveraging blockchain technology to manage cybersecurity, distributed databases, transactions and processes. 

Blockchain is Securing The Cybersecurity of Organizations

Blockchain technology is transforming cybersecurity from system security to data protection and privacy. It also enhances confidentiality, integrity, and accountability in the digital space. Today, companies can leverage blockchain to automate processes and secure transactions.



With roots in cryptography and security, it makes sense that blockchain is introducing new ways to store information, make safe transactions, and enable trust.

Businesses prefer the efficient operation of processes that result in a hike in their sales. With technologies assisting organizations in automating several processes, rewiring business operations with blockchain helps in ensuring that all the processes are working correctly and yielding better results.

Blockchain Provides Several Use Cases for Businesses

For a business to grow as a whole, there are several factors that need to be considered by CTOs and CIOs. Operations officers not only focus on flawless production but also pay attention to the efficient management of goods, and further try to increase sales. Business operations are crucial as they directly deal with the performance of an organization. Being a technology that introduced transparency and eradicated the need for having a centralized authority proved helpful in rewiring business operations with blockchain. With blockchain being introduced in the operations of a specific organization, operations can be reshaped, leading to higher productivity in the company. Blockchain has several applications across various industries and holds the ability to re-wire business operations when implemented in an organization.


Blockchain is Rewiring Business Operations

Blockchain has increased the transparency levels for people as well as businesses to be able to track goods and materials in and out of the organization. With blockchain being introduced in supply chain system of an organization, transparency increases as the members of the chain can quickly view the details of the shipment arriving at the factory, departure as well as arrival to the retail store. With blockchain's involvement in the supply chain management, companies can track a shipment quickly and call it back for emergency purposes.


With the introduction of blockchain in storage systems, the technology allows secure cloud storage and focuses on allowing users to be able to access information, as and when required.

Blockchain has introduced smart contracts that automate the system of making a contract and efficiently manage a deal finalized between two organizations. If one of the participants breaks a norm of the agreement, the code automatically freezes the deal and ensures that the agreement resumes when the company who breached the term reverts to the standards pre-set.

Companies can use blockchain networks for their financial transactions. Several blockchain based cryptocurrency networks exist for people and the organizations to use, and the speed at which transactions take place on a blockchain based transaction platform is remarkable. When businesses start using the blockchain network for their financial transactions, the information about their financial transactions gets stored on the network for speeding up future transactions. Companies can furthermore use this data stored on the network at the time of audits, every now and then. When the information for an audit is stored on blockchain, the information available to CTOs and CIOs can be considered accurate and can even help the authorities in retrieving records from several sources. This ease of access to information allows organizations in reforming and rewiring business operations using blockchain technology.

Organizations can now focus and target on how and which operations of their business can be rewired to increase sales and improve the productivity of their organization. With blockchain being an out of the box technology, businesses are bound to benefit from it and increase productivity across several industries. By providing organizations with the ability to rewire their operations, blockchain has indeed eased the lives of CTOs and CIOs who can now focus on how to manage other functionalities, while blockchain focuses on streamlining their operations.

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