Is Your Daily Regime as Brutal as that of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey?

Is Your Daily Regime as Brutal as that of Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey?

Steve Blakeman 16/04/2019 6

Jack Dorsey (CEO Twitter) recently revealed what he calls his 'wellness habits' in an interview with CNBC. Frankly, to me, it all sounded a bit like hell on earth. So how exactly does he spend his week?

Firstly, he is up at 5am for a 15 minute ice bath. The only way I'm going to be up at 5am is if my bed was on fire. And as for an ice bath? Only if I was on fire.

Next up is an hours worth of meditation. Now, I'm all for a spot of meditating every now and again, preferably with a blazing sunset and a large Bombay & Fever Tree but clearly neither of those things are happening prior to 6am.

You'd then possibly assume that after the ice bath and meditation session that maybe a decent breakfast might be in order. But no. Jack doesn't do breakfast. Or lunch. He only has one meal a day in the evening which only ever consists of meat or fish with a salad or green vegetables, followed by a piece of fruit. Oh but he does occasionally allow himself a single glass of red wine. Decadent bugger.

At the weekend you might imagine that he kicks back a little bit after such as regimented working week. But you would be totally wrong. In fact, he goes the opposite way entirely. He has absolutely nothing to eat on Saturday and Sunday - he only sips on mineral water. And I'm guessing he ditches the glass of red wine too. And the earth shattering explanation for this behaviour? Well according to Jack:

“It occurred to me how much of our days are centred around meals.” 

Now there is a revelation. It had never occurred to me that we revolve our day around breakfast, lunch and dinner. Or maybe even sleep. Oh I know why... it's because we need to do them both to survive.

So does Mr Dorsey's monk-like existence stretch any further than this? Well, yes, it seems it does. He walks 5 miles to work every day. And back again. And before dinner he does another hour of meditation. I've got to be honest, I run about 3 or 4 times a week and every day that I do my appetite rages and I could literally eat my own feet so the thought of doing that exercise with only one paltry meal a day seems more like self flagellation than a healthy wellness life choice.

But surely he takes a break from this monastic existence when he goes on vacation? Er, nope. His trip to Myanmar last year was as spartan as it comes. As Dorsey himself described it in a tweet:

"During the 10 days: no devices, reading, writing, physical exercise, music, intoxicants, meat, talking, or even eye contact with others." 

Sounds just like a Sandals holiday commercial. Not.

Yet it seems he isn't the only one on California to have such fascinating lifestyle peccadillos. Mark Wahlberg claims to wake at 2.30am to have a work out, then he prays for a bit before taking a 90-minute shower followed by a round of golf. Jennifer Aniston insists she is a 'night person' but still gets up at 4.30am to consume a breakfast of a fruit, protein and collagen peptides smoothie. Sounds delicious.

Frankly if that is the lifestyle of the rich and famous then you can keep it. Be a billionaire and live like you were serving a life stretch in jail or be financially comfortable but free to enjoy three square meals a day, the odd glass or three of wine and overindulge at the weekend? No contest. Their life sounds totally tedious.

But what about you? Do you think there is something to be said about Dorsey's lifestyle? Is he right to have such a strict regimen in his life? Do you follow the same kind of principles as he does? And, if so, what daily routine do you follow?

Or do you believe that life is for living and the adherence to such a programmed existence is detrimental to your work / life balance? Is life better when you accept everything in moderation?

As ever, I am interested to hear your views...

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terms and condition.
  • Greg Morton

    I can't skip any meal....

  • Betty Davis

    He is a beast !!!

  • Dwayne Miller

    Such an underrated CEO !

  • Simon Powell

    Too harsh with himself

  • Alex Burnham

    I admire him a lot !! Bloody genius !!!

  • Karen Morgan

    Dorsey is a cool dude, he needs to relax a little bit.

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