Just Landed That Coveted Senior Management Position at Work - How to Dress the Part and Look the Part

Just Landed That Coveted Senior Management Position at Work - How to Dress the Part and Look the Part

Anas Bouargane 14/08/2019 5
Just Landed That Coveted Senior Management Position at Work - How to Dress the Part and Look the Part

Have you been working hard to get noticed at work, and get that much coveted senior management position?

Has all your dedication, extra hours, and endless work finally paid off and the promotion was given to you? If so, this is a time for celebration and a little pat on your back. Landing a big promotion is a huge deal, and something that doesn’t come easily. With that said, there will be plenty for you to learn over the next little while as you step into your new role in the workplace.

Of course, much of your time and focus will be on doing a great job, and so it should be, but you also want to be sure you’re giving off the right kind of impression to your staff, upper management such as yourself, and your clients. Part of that is to ensure you are dressing the part of senior management, which means your wardrobe may need some new pieces.

Here’s a look at some of the key essentials you’ll want to be sure you’ve got on hand, that will allow you to create the air of professionalism at the office.

The Ultimate Power Suit

Every business executive needs the ultimate power suit to look the part. What this means is a suit that is tailored to fit you perfectly, and is also easy and comfortable to move around in. There are really no fashion rules in terms of the color you pick, and you can even look for a pinstriped or checked suit for variety. Just be mindful of the fabric you pick, as it will determine how well the suit fits your body.

In order to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your power suit, try pairing it with a bold blouse or shirt to add that pop of color and fashion.

It’s All in the Accessories

And it’s not just the clothing that matters, it’s the accessories too. In fact, many a designer would argue that it’s the accessories that actually make the outfit and set the tone. A great addition to your wardrobe would be a few designer bags and purses that you can use for work. The Saint Laurent bags are a great example since they feature classic designs that aren’t too loud or over-the-top for the office.

And the accessories don’t stop at purses; it should also include things such as your jewelry, a high-end designer watch, belt, scarves, etc. The right accessories truly complete the outfit.

Keep Your Makeup Fresh, Simple, and Flawless

If you're the type that enjoys wearing makeup, you may also need to make a few adjustments in how and what you apply. As a business executive, you want to achieve that perfect balance between professionalism and power with being attractive and put together. In terms of makeup, you want to keep things fresh, simple, and flawless looking. You don’t want to go overboard on application, so nothing too loud or bold, just think more subdued and professional looking.

What About Color?

One question that newly promoted executives often have is whether or not adding color to their wardrobe is acceptable. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing something bold and bright, but keep it simple and maybe just focus on one piece. For example, maybe you want to wear a bright red tailored blazer, well then you can pair it with neutral slacks, a skirt, or sheath dress.

Experts recommend wearing colors such as red and blue since they exude power and leadership.

Go Ahead and Have Some Fun with Your Footwear

An area where you can be a little more creative is with your footwear. That doesn't mean show up at the office in your favorite designer sneakers, rather you can experiment with different heel heights, styles, colors, textures, and materials. The key is that you want to feel powerful and put together no matter what shoes you pick.

Dressing Like a Boss

So, now that you’re ready to step into the role of senior management at your workplace, it’s time to also dress like a boss and exude that confidence you have. These tips can help to steer you in the right direction and help you find your workplace fashion.

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  • Amy Barnes

    One piece of advice I was given years ago that seems appropriate here: Check that your shoes are clean and polished!

  • Mark Stephenson

    So many great tips! Thank you so much

  • Rick Holwe

    You should never wear winkled clothing

  • Víctor Moscote

    How about ironing??

  • Megan Schultz

    Great job!

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