Leading a Life of Magic with Anna Sokołowska

Leading a Life of Magic with Anna Sokołowska

Parul Agrawal 27/09/2019 4

Most of the time we see the world from our limited 2 or 3-dimensional viewpoint. But there are some people who see the beauty and magic in every little thing. They are the ones who manifest their own reality and encourage others to do the same. I had the honor of interviewing Anna Sokolowska, an International bestselling author and founder of one of the largest esoteric schools in Europe. Her wisdom of science and spirituality is something we all need to know.

Tell Us About Yourself?

My Name is Anna Maria Sokołowska, but people mostly just call me Anja The Witch or simply The Witchest, because I’ve decided to clean the term “Witch” in modern language by reconnecting with origin of that name. 

In Polish, term “Witch” means “The One Who Knows”, and was always used to describe person, who lives by sacred Knowledge, leading rituals and practicing with herbs. I am inventor, owner and Motherwitch of Spirit Academy, second biggest esoteric school in Europe, called Akademia Ducha.

It’s great Honour to be able to open Human Eyes - and even greater honour to meet people brave enough to keep their eyes open in a World like we living right now! 

Tell Us More About Your Book?

For the last 3 years Spirit Academy was releasing calendar, named “Book of Magic” for each year, because we understand, how very responsible and important work is to write The Time. This year we decided to make our first publication in English. 

InBook of Magicreaders will understand:

  • the main difference between Human and Angelic perception, 
  • ways to develop communication with higher self by cleaning energy channels,
  • lot of active spells, signs and laws. 

It’s enough to say, that thisbBook is ultimate Altar  and can be used as “Book of Shines”, “Book of Shades”, “Book of Blessings” or any other kind of modern grimoire becaause the actual author of the book is the READER himself. I gave the reader space and opportunity  to write down their own time. It’s for them to decide, if their days are going to be filled with smiles and sparks of happiness or something else. 

This Book is a portal between Earth and Heaven - by reminding the reader how to be in constant stream of God’s Light.

Why Do You Think this is the Right Time for People to know about your Message?

For some it is, for some it’s not. Before I started writing this Book in both Polish and English, I made a ritual for the book to reach individuals who are enlightened and ready to receive this precious knowledge.

In fact, writing this book wasn’t a typical “writing” process. It was and still is The Ritual - “we’ve started marvelous Tsunami of Changes, consisting of Divine Light in every drop of water."

Every time the book is read, the reader will discover something new as they are evolving spiritually and growing  personally. “Book of Magic” is like a mirror, for the readers to notice and appreciate their own light and the possibility of shaping their own reality. 

I strongly BELIEVE, that the Time is always Now!

I not only think, but believe in my heart and feel it in my light, that World is more than ready to receive this sacred knowledge. Because, to be honest - I didn’t discover nothing new. I just found the way to remind the world something they already know and had received from God but have forgotten in this day and age.

There is So Much Negativity in Today's Time, How do People Stay Positive and Not Lose Hope?

First of all - we need to understand, that we are not victims of the World, but it’s creators. 

Human organisms have only two modes:

  • Passive, which is nothing but simple survival. People present in that kind of life are barely having their own needs covered. 
  • Active, in which, each one of us is shining with the highest potential given and developed, pushing world into desired direction, taking responsibilities for every miracle ever evoked into existence. 

I want to remind readers about words of Peter Druckman: Best way to predict the Future is to create it. 

If you want to live in a better World, create it! 

Start with your own heart and then expand your light in the entire world. There are plenty of ways to achieve it. My proposition guides one through Beauty, Magic and Alchemy of Life. It’s working! I am using it since I was born. And it never failed me - therefore I am sharing it with people through my work and books. 

What Advice Do you have for People who want to be More Spiritual?

Don’t stay in “wanting”. Start becoming!! 

Be the substance, active witness and beautiful effect of own free will blossoming. Fill Your Life with victory, finesse, beauty, astonishment, perfection and fun. 

Our life is a constant decision between happiness or shades of sadness. The World is full of reasons to live on either sides.  Pick what you consider as yours and fill it with your intense Light. And then you become present in what you have chosen. 

Choose wisely! But even if you made the wrong choice , there is an opportunity for you to evolve. Breathe. Smile. And move yourself into different decision that is best for you. In the Meaning of “Most Good”.

Anything Else You Would like to add about your Work? Anything Exciting/out of the Ordinary?

But of course! I do not consider my work as “work”. This is the way of existence I have chosen, the path on which I am manifesting myself as intense as I can. Spirit Academy is part of absolutely undeniable Uprising in Art, which started many years ago, and right now is completely ready to explode with invincible wave of freedom. I urge people to be more present and experience life. Take a look around - we do not need to see UFO to believe that life is amazing. 

Try this exercise:

See one drop of water with all focus full attention. Give it few minutes. Dive in. Learn how to look at things, immerse with their nature to know them better. 

And then take a look around your surroundings. Perhaps you will see, feel and experience a new wave of life. When you discover preciousness of  existence at micro scale, you will be able to expand your vision. Be grateful for everything, practice forgiveness and learn to see things with heart. This is the way to live a "Magical" Life.

How do our Readers Find You?

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClNZC94JW4lxiJMmC5gLXdw

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/akademiaducha/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlivestAlive **That’s Polish Name, meaning Spirit Academy - our website in English www.spiritacademy.net gonna be available soon!

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  • Jeffrey Cook

    Every decade there will be new magicians, new audience, but mostly new tricks.

  • Sandy Hill

    Interesting interview

  • Roger Cox

    This woman is superwoman.

  • Peter Norris

    I like how Anna poured her heart into this interview while combining intelligence and spirituality.

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