Positive Words for Positive People

Positive Words for Positive People

Positive Words for Positive People

Much has been written on affirmations and it's often misunderstood.

An affirmation is simply a positively worded phrase that supports a goal. Affirmations can be:
    * said out loud, a form of positive self-talk,
    * read out loud, or
    * thought silently.

As you seek to think positively about a given situation, for the first time, it's helpful to write it down and post reminders on the dashboard of your car, in your kitchen, near your PC, and in your appointment calendar. You might say in big letters, "Today is going to be a great day." Or you could say, "I choose to make today a great day," or, "My goal is to make today a great day." 

The wonderful thing about this affirmation is that it doesn't matter on any given day whether or not it turns out to be a great day. And indeed, what is a great day? Assessment would always be highly subjective anyway.

A Solid Observation

You will notice a discernible, cumulative build-up. Each time your subconscious sees the phrase, "Today is going to be a great day," it concludes that this is where your interests lie. Your subconscious will go to work for you to find ways to "make it a great day." 

If this all sounds like positive self-talk blather to you, rest assured, the benefits are both significant and extraordinary. There are few substitutes in life to using positive language and engaging in positive thought. Thus, affirmations are a wonderful tool. It's productive and useful to constantly have reminders all around you of your competence, intelligence, and resourcefulness so that you can tip the self-talk scale in favor of the positive. This creates an upward spiral and a victorious circle (as opposed to a vicious circle). Thus, you're automatically more often how you want to be throughout the day.

Record and Reap

If you're so inclined, you can even go so far as to create your own cassette tape. In your own words, record affirmations that you can play back each day to further increase the amount of positive self-talk that you hear.

For example, you can record such statements as the following:

* I am a highly resourceful person.

* I am confident in my abilities.

* I willingly meet career challenges.

* People look to me as a source of inspiration.

* I accept my role as a leader.

 * I am able to discern the opportunities that come with change.

 * I am always adding to my storehouse of knowledge and wisdom.

When recording such statements, leave lengthy pauses so that you can repeat the statement to yourself before the tape plays the next statement. That way, each statement sinks in on a deeper level.

Studies show that if you play a tape of affirmations for twenty-one consecutive days, say, each morning while you're getting dressed, you will actually begin to notice changes. You will feel different, and you will gravitate toward these affirmations that you've been making so much that even others will notice.

You could also create a recording of affirmations that specifically encourage you to behave a certain way. Suppose your goal is to have confidence when situations call for it. On your recording you might include the following:

* I feel confident when I encounter someone who is highly attractive to me.

* I feel confident when encountering someone whose experience or formal education is considerably more than mine.

* I feel confident in the face of near impossible deadlines.

* I feel confident that I can handle life's challenges.

* I can easily make myself heard and understood.

* I speak up at appropriate moments.

* I know how and when to stand up for myself.

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