Running a Business - The 3 Vital Business Departments

Running a Business - The 3 Vital Business Departments

Anas Bouargane 07/10/2019 3
Running a Business - The 3 Vital Business Departments

What do you think of when you think of the term ‘business?’

Well, there are many disparate ideas that we may have, based on our own experience in employment or time running one. Perhaps the most common idea is that of a medium-level business with an office premises, a dedicated staff, managers both good and bad, cheesy advertising, perhaps everything that the television show The Office seemed to satirise so well.

But when we spend even a few minutes looking a little more closely, we know that the form and format of a business can drastically vary. It’s important to understand this because it allows us to consider running our own basic business, perhaps through whatever humble means we may have. Never before has entrepreneurialism been so relevant and possible, and that should truly excite many.

But how far should you go in your humility? In this article we will be analysing if a business can or cannot function with three distinct and perceptibly-vital setups and systems, to answer the question once and for all. Let us begin:

Human Ressources

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Can a business function without human resources? It can be hard, and to some degree, it will be impossible. This is because even a low number of employees (perhaps less than five) still have human needs, and issues can still break out. Additionally, recruiting new positions will mean taking a completely responsible stance to introduce and screen the best applicants to your position. 

Additionally, the intensity of a small office trying to survive each day can sometimes cause people to become fractured or irritated with one another. To this end, it’s important to practice this role as you can, and to assign yourself as the impartial judge of these matters. Additionally, never electing to hire friends or family can help you avoid the worst of issues to begin with. So to summarise, it is possible, but it will require your utmost fairness and perception.

Accounting & Payroll

If you wish to run a tiny business, or are just starting out, you will need to cover many roles yourself. One of those, you may think, will involve accounting and payroll. You cannot split up these two departments at this juncture, or so it would seem. However, accounting and payroll, especially if you have five employees, can be a difficult thing to manage. These jobs are too sensitive, both in their accuracy and security to simply spend little time taking care of them. They cannot be an afterthought. Therefore the verdict is no - you must always go through external services, perhaps combined, perhaps separate.

Your Correspondence

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It’s possible for smaller firms to run a support network for their limited customer base. It may be through email, social media direct messages or phone calls, but for the most part this can be carefully appropriated provided someone has this as the bulk of their daily task. Additionally, a cheap virtual office address company can help you keep on top of all of your correspondence and provide a professional location for all mail to become directed, without having to channel it all to your humble premises. This can be more secure for your little operation. In effect, this is more than possible.


With this advice, you’re sure to feel a little more secure regarding your humble business operation.

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  • Jack Travis

    You cannot survive more than two years if you keep on spending money without tracking your costs

  • Chris Williams

    Having a virtual office located in a famous location helps to get more recognition

  • Nick Warner

    Cybersecurity has become a must in today's every changing landscape

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Anas Bouargane

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Anas is the founder of CEF Académie, a platform that provides guidance and support for those willing to study in France. He previously interned at Unissey. Anas holds a bachelor degree in economics, finance and management from the University of Toulon.

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