Should You be Involving Twitter in Your Business’ Social Media Marketing?

Should You be Involving Twitter in Your Business’ Social Media Marketing?

Daniel Hall 16/11/2021
Should You be Involving Twitter in Your Business’ Social Media Marketing?

Twitter is a juggernaut of social media, even as its format may seem simplistic – or even dated – to the uninitiated.

Born in 2006, with the gimmick of being able to post to the internet via text, the site quickly gained popularity due to its ease of use and unique 140 character tweet limit. Today, Twitter is more active than ever, and with a global advertising revenue of $3.21 billion, an obvious draw for advertisers. But why exactly is that, and how could Twitter help with your business’ social media campaign?

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One of Twitter’s main allures with regard to social media marketing is its sheer popularity. Twitter stopped reporting its number of active monthly users in the first financial quarter of 2019, at which point more than 330 million users were registered and active on Twitter. Popularity translates to ubiquity, indicating that Twitter is not only a household name but also an active part of those households – and a great resource to incorporate in your social media marketing as a result. 

Engagement and Shareability

Twitter as a platform actively encourages engagement with media and content, with features acting like bookmarks and simultaneously increasing a tweet’s profile, and the retweet button exposing completely new audiences and follower-bases to an original tweet. Twitter also pioneered the hashtag, a global phenomenon born of a simple way to archive, categorise and search for individual media items. Leveraging these powerful sharing tools can make all the difference to your social media campaign, allowing you to select for, and advertise directly to, specific demographics. This in turn can increase your business’ engagement considerably.


The previous two factors combine together to create a unique force – unanticipated by a pre-internet marketing industry – which, if harnessed correctly can be revolutionary to you social media campaign: meme potential. The immense shareability of content opens it up to re-interpretation and re-contextualising by new audiences, which is how the vast majority of contemporary social media content is created and disseminated; look no further than the “distracted boyfriend” meme, or Drake alternately refusing and accepting any number of ideas and contemporary signifiers. Virality can be difficult to manufacture, and easy to for audiences to decode as manufactured – but by expanding your campaign budget, taking out a business loan and enlisting the help of social media specialists, you can expand the scope of your campaign, and get help harnessing this idea to further your business’ unique offerings.

Ease of Networking

Lastly, a massive draw to social media platforms such as Twitter – and indeed, one of the main reasons for their popularity in the first place – is the way in which they bring people closer together. Thanks to social networks, communication is easier than ever despite physical limitations – and this networking ability can extend benefits to your business as well. Being closer to your customers and clients enables a more hands-on approach to customer service, while new business connections can be made with ease.

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