Six Tech Secrets All Non-Technical Leaders Should Know

Six Tech Secrets All Non-Technical Leaders Should Know

Rohan Chaubey 14/05/2019 5

Technology is essential to modern businesses looking to grow their website and develop their brand. The problem is that non-technical people can be scared of tech because they don’t understand it. There are a few not-tech secrets that can help to demystify the processes behind the great tech. Read on to discover! 

Non-technical people can’t be expected to know how to hire the best software development agency. It’s hard for non-technical leaders to define their tech requirements, let alone know who to hire and what questions to ask.  

That’s why non-tech organizations need to hire someone knowledgeable to find the right specialists for their product.

An expert matchmaker understands the importance of matching the project to the team.

70% of web projects fail due to poor matches. It’s essential to talk to the right experts.

All Non-Tech Companies Need Great Tech 

Whatever industry your company is in, and however non-technical the product or service you’re selling, you still need great tech.

In the modern world, digital is so important it can’t be ignored. Tech can help your company develop its website, engage with customers, build a social media presence, become mobile-friendly, create an app, and much more.

Tech is essential for all these things.

There Are No Tech Generalists 

Tech experts are not generalists. It’s easy to think of technical people as masters of tech, able to mastermind a dozen different technical products in one or two hours. The truth is, tech experts are specialists.

A tech team is created of many different specialists, each master of their own domain. And one excellent web product might require the skills of half a dozen of these experts.

From programmers to UX designers, graphic artists and product managers. A tech team combines many experts and each has their own specific skill set.

Some Tweaks Are Necessary

Not all web products work perfectly the first time. And that’s absolutely fine. They often need a few tweaks to fine-tune every aspect.

Developing a fantastic website takes time, and it’s not realistic to expect perfection immediately.

Tech teams often need to trial parts of a web product and make changes. These little tweaks are what can turn an average site into an awesome site.

There Is Always Something New To Learn

Tech skills can get old quickly. The tech industry is changing so rapidly that technical people need to keep learning and adding to their skills set all the time.

This is why tech experts are constantly improving, taking courses, reading books, and growing their knowledge.

Techies need to be aware of all the latest developments in their industry so they can use their skills to create the best product for their clients.

Tech Skills Are Only The Beginning

Even if you have a top technical team, this isn’t sufficient to develop a brilliant product.

In addition to the techies, you also need other skilled professionals, such as marketers, analysts finance experts, project managers and designers.

The secret is to build a whole team of specialists who can devote their time to their own area of expertise. When this team works together as a whole, that’s when the magic happens. 

Platforms like Indiez help non-technical founders find the right team for their software development project. They hear your product idea, build a team that is absolutely ideal for you and also deal with the project end to end. 

Tech Secrets For Non-Technical People from Nitesh Agrawal

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  • Beth Landers

    Thanks for sharing these secrets

  • Daniel Lowe

    Very helpful thanks

  • Annie Guzman

    This is incredibly important and something all non tech leaders should know.

  • Tracey Gibson

    I guess it's time to outsource our IT

  • Kyle Robert

    Curiously, the answer for tech is apparently always more tech.

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