The Importance of Clear Communication in Business

The Importance of Clear Communication in Business

Anuja Lath 22/07/2019 5

The life they say is a game of words. Anything can be achieved if you use the right words at the right time. This holds true for all endeavors of life may it be personal or professional relationships. If you are wondering how does that fit in the success of business marketing, just remember any scenario where you need to inform, convince, entertain or engage with others, communication is your trump card. Agreed, that the topic is endless but what we are going to focus on the importance of communication in business. This will keep us in focus.

Importance of Effective Communication in Business

You need to remember that not all communication is good, let alone effective. In fact, it is noteworthy that any business communication or marketing messaging if not done correctly can actually worsen an environment, create trust issues and even make messaging hard to perceive. Like life, your audience does not give you a second chance. One wrong line, one wrong word or any wrong choice of tone can land you with a completely different outcome. Here are some cues to effective communication:

  • Active Listening: The first rule of effective communication is to listen. Yes! You read it right. There can be no communication unless you care to listen to your audience. Imagine, if the audience is right and you are talking left, there can be no sync. Thus, as a business, all your messaging should be directed at making your audience resonate with your brand persona. The ground rule is thus, to empathize and understand the pulse of your audience. Active listening doesn’t come naturally but needs special focus and interest. So, when your audience is reacting or talking to you directly, you have to pay special attention. Remember, when you listen, you don’t judge but you can probe. Probing not only shows your interest but also helps you know better. The idea is to fall completely in tune with the mind of the other person.

  • Assertion with Sensitivity: As a business, communication has to be assertive as that shows confidence. Assertion and aggressive communication are two different cups of tea. Assertion only results if you are clear about your business vision and the goal of the communication. When your message is assertive, people listen more closely. There is no rocket science and only a few basic tips can get you going:
  1. Have clarity of thought about your own values and strategy before you engage with others.
  1. There has to be no attitude or anger. Keep your focus and tide over negative opinions in a positive manner.
  1. It is okay to disagree. Effective communication involves respecting the opinion of others but not at the cost of your own opinions.
  • Managing Barriers to Communication: Once you master the technique of managing the communication barriers, you are all set to rule the marketing landscape in your niche. You have to push yourself to keep your communication positive and healthy. Here are a few pointers which will be helpful in achieving success:
  1. Collect your thoughts as you communicate. Pause. This is the keyword. Think before you speak or react. Excessive, meaningless communication is a put-off and leads to lack of interest.
  1. Try to make a point. It means that the purpose of the communication should be to arrive at one strong point instead of hovering around 2 or 3 weak arguments which don’t take you any step further.
  1. Don’t interrupt. This is the ground rule. You do not interrupt anyone by unwanted gestures or comments.
  1. Regulate the tempo of your conversation. Be upbeat when you both speak and listen. However, this does not mean that you lose objectivity. As a business, if you engage in direct conversation with your audience, you have to maintain a proper balance of objectivity and tone. One slip on any of the two aspects can be devastating.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Any business which has to survive or need to sustain in the long run needs to pay heed to cultural sensitivities of people. Even a slight mistake on this front can prove disastrous as people do not forget and can permanently get defected.

Communication is vital to every business. Even if a business engages in B2B marketing there are certain communication basics which one cannot ignore. But, in the case of mainstream marketing if you are careful with your words or communication strategy then you have already signed off from the minds of your audience. Hence, it is not only important for your survival but also to rule the hearts of your audience. Remember to keep the communication simple, straight and strategic. The importance of communication in business cannot be more pronounced than now when the competition is ready to knock you down. One little mistake and you lose the game. Play safe and smart.


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  • Peter Blackburn

    Communication is critical to success in business and life.

  • Jamie Sharples

    Makes a lot of sense.

  • Wayne Lee

    Use the words and language of leadership and be yourself from the heart.

  • John Griffin

    Effective tips

  • Tom Clark

    It's amazing how much more you can do when you are more positive.

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