The Magic of Personalized Marketing Materials

The Magic of Personalized Marketing Materials

Anas Bouargane 08/07/2020 5
The Magic of Personalized Marketing Materials

When it comes to marketing, one of the most powerful tools that we have at our disposal is the advent of personalized marketing materials.

No longer do we refer to our customers as generic audience members. Instead, we can refer to them by name, let them know about deals on their favorite products and also give them special discounts for the things they’ve been thinking of buying.

All of this extra information that we have on our customers can be a huge help when it comes to making personalized marketing materials, but unless you understand the process of creating it, it can seem like witchcraft.

The Magic of Personalized Marketing Materials

Personalized Marketing Relies on Customer Data

One of the caveats of personalized marketing is that it relies on the customer’s data. As such, they often need to consent to have their data recorded. While most people agree to this without much thought, there’s no doubt that more people are starting to use ad blockers or even request that you don’t save cookies when they log into your website. As such, it can actually ruin the quality of your data which ultimately makes it hard for you to reach that audience.

Luckily, there are plenty of customer relationship management systems that can actually grab data from a number of different sources before compiling it into actionable reports. To make things even better, you can even automate these processes based on triggers and conditions that you personally set.

Most of these Personalized Marketing Materials are Automated

One of the most interesting things about personalized marketing materials and also why they can seem so magical is that a lot of it is automated. For instance, you can generate a company brochure that automatically grabs information from a document or source and then creates a personalized experience for your customer. When the entire process has been set up, it actually takes no extra time on your part and you can simply sit back, relax and let the system do all of the work.

This is ultimately one of the best ways for a small business to reach a wider audience. In the past, creating personalized marketing materials required a manual hand to do it. You had to write emails by hand (or feed the system names) and you also had to time it right. With modern technologies and analytics, the entire process can be automated so that your CRM pulls customer data, turns it into an email and then sends it to the customer at the right time to draw them in.


So whether you’re a relatively small business or an industry giant, personalizing your marketing materials is an essential component of modern marketing. This is especially true if you’re a small company and don’t have the staff or funds for a dedicated marketing department. Instead, you should be focusing on automated ways to personalize promotional materials so that you can save time and money while also attracting a wider group of customers.

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  • Vicky Wilkinson

    So on point Anas

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    Thanks for the great content!

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    I have a slight obsession of implementing different tactics.

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    Great info! Thanks

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    The internet is so competitive. Customers are one click away from shopping with someone else.

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