The Various Stages of Software Development Explained

The Various Stages of Software Development Explained

Anas Bouargane 23/08/2019 3

We use different software in our everyday lives, but have we ever thought about the different stages that are a part of its development? The life cycle of a piece of software is fascinating, and we would like to tell you a little bit more about it. We hope that it will also give you a better understanding of the process and the hardships that these developers face. Let’s take a look at the first stage.

Identifying The Problem

Before they can come up with a program, the developers need to understand the purpose behind the software. What is the problem that they are trying to solve? It is the central question that they will have to answer here. A lot of research will have to be done to identify the core issue. The software that they then develop will have to solve the problem that is present. It is also the stage where you try and find what works and what doesn’t. Getting into the specifics of the issue at hand is necessary to get the right answers.


It is arguably the most critical stage in the entire life cycle of a software package. It is what determines the success or the failure of the whole software. The developers will put their expertise to use in bringing the idea to life. It has to be tangible, so those in charge of the project can see the design. The whole process is tricky because if you do not have a strong core, it will be challenging to succeed in this venture. Of course, the complexity of the problem that it is meant to solve determines the time taken to design the software. The more complicated a program is, the more time it takes. If you ask any developer, they would say that they would prefer getting it right than make something quick.

Designing the right user interface, and having the right system architecture in place is essential. It makes it easier for the end-user to get the hang of the software they are using. And finally, we move to the stage that will decide if the software reaches the market or not.


There are several stages of tests that the software will have to go through to ensure that it is up to the industry standards. All the coding and the modules will be checked thoroughly to see if any errors are present. Testers notify the developers when they find errors that need to be fixed. An excellent way to know the success of testing is by using test metrics. It is a quantitative way to measure the benchmarks that have been set up for the software.

The different types of testing include unit testing, system testing, acceptance testing, and integration testing. This comprehensive method of analyzing the quality of the software will ensure that it is fit for the market. It is imperative to understand the hardships that software developers face when creating something from merely an idea that is meant to solve a problem. However, we hope that this piece will throw light into those very processes.

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