Traveling Back In Time Or Forwarding To The Future?

Traveling Back In Time Or Forwarding To The Future?

Anas Bouargane 06/10/2019 5
Traveling Back In Time Or Forwarding To The Future?

Do people still use email these days? Of course they do, no matter how brilliant instant messaging services and work management services become. Email is still vital to your business, it's something that does exist mostly in the background but it's invaluable. It provides a constant drip drip motion for your business message and your most basic programs. You may see it as something that’s archaic and something that will eventually disappear. But, if the trends of 2019 regarding email marketing are anything to go by, this won’t be occurring anytime soon. In fact, tactics and strategies are still evolving which is great news for small businesses. When you’re small in stature, you don’t have a lot of funds to waste, you need constant and effective marketing campaigns. So is email marketing a past or future solution to your woes?

How to Increase the Average Order Values.png

From Large to Small Screens

Your average order value is something that you can use to judge how effective your marketing strategy has been. This is a simple measurement that assesses how much one customer has spent on your business at one time. Essentially, how many products and or services have you successfully targeted to the consumer and so much so, that they have bought many if not all of those things? There used to be a time when desktop AOVs where much higher than mobile platforms, but this has changed in 2019. It's not difficult to understand why since the majority of searches are done via mobile phones instead of computers. That’s why you need to target your key demographic with things that each individual person is more likely to buy. This must be done via email as to show them pictures of said items and making multiple clickable or screen tap links.

Know Your Consumer

It started in the early 2000s but now it's out in the open and pretty much common. Businesses can buy customer data from various companies that see consumer interaction as their bread and butter. Speak to a company like CurrantWeb that offers the purchasing of qualified customer data on your behalf so you can get to know who you’re selling to more. Once you know what makes the majority of your consumers tick, you can accurately send emails to them that will have high AOV. vast amounts of consumer data is whizzing through the internet all the time and if you only knew a little bit about what consumers are searching for, you can offer them your products with an increased chance they would become loyal customers. 

Email Marketing Secrets 2019

A Window in

Imagine this, you’re a consumer looking for a nose hair trimmer. You searched for one to buy just 2 days ago. You suddenly get an email promotion from a company selling such products. What would make you climb through the window in the email and sign up for an account? Offering a first-purchase discount if you signed up, that would be your window into their business.

You should never discount the effectiveness of email marketing. The current trends show that consumers are more accurately being found and this is equating to higher click-through rates on mobile phones especially.

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  • Nathan Schroeder

    Email marketing is not new by a long shot. It is still the undisputed "king" to get more leads.

  • Jack Massam

    Good stuff

  • Lisa Agosto

    Email remains a great way to reach your audience.

  • Mark Hopkins

    People prefer email for communicating with the brands they’re connected with.

  • Gemma Thompson

    Consumers have the power to get rid of the irrelevant emails that are cluttering up their inboxes

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