Want To Display Your Art In Your Office? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Want To Display Your Art In Your Office? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Anas Bouargane 07/11/2019 4

The great thing about owning your own office space is the fact that you can be completely creative. Because your space is a blank canvas, you can decorate it however you want. For many people, the idea of buying art and hanging on the walls will send shivers down their spine. There is nothing quite like stamping your creative authority on an office and really turning it into somewhere you can feel comfortable and productive. However, while art is an entirely subjective process, it is essential to avoid the common mistakes that everyone makes. So, when it comes to displaying your taste in art, consider the following things:

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While you will have your own particular tastes when it comes to pictures and paintings and will generally stick to what you know and like, a little bit of diversity goes an awful long way. Changing it up now and then adds a new element to the office and the entire workspace. Variety also applies to the colors and textures - don't just stick to all oil paintings or all gold frames. Canvases, as well as frames are an excellent way to mix and match textures.


One of the worst ways of displaying art is on untidy and cluttered walls filled with artwork for the sake of it. It collects dust and draws your eyes away from the pieces you want people to look at. Cut down on the number of pieces you display on the wall. Yes, they might look amazing individually, but pushed all together can dilute the effect somewhat.


Hanging a piece of art seems like a piece of cake. Sure, it isn't as delicious, but it's fulfilling all the same. Jokes aside, the majority of people put a single screw in the wall and balance the picture by the frame or canvas. Bad idea if the photo is big and bulky. Usually, two screws are better than one to secure the artwork to the wall. Also, balancing it on a stable base will stop the piece from looking cooked or slanting to the side. Your maintenance guy or girl is probably the best person for this job.


Last but not least, the height issue needs thinking about. The artwork is very easy to hang either too low or too high. As a rule, everything should be at eye level. However, the savvy arty people among you will know that there are different variables to consider. For example, you might be tall or small, in which your eye level will differ. Or, the ceilings might be below 8 or 9 feet, in which case the parameters will need changing. Some people like to say art should be about 56 - 60 inches from the floor as a loose guideline. 

Art is subjective, and everyone has their own tastes, but by following these tips, you will have an art collection and display to be proud of!

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  • Trish Shenton

    We can create a work environment that stimulates not stifles.

  • Jack Bishop

    For me, artwork has always been a source of inspiration.

  • Emma Rutherford

    Details create the experience.

  • Ollie Raybould

    Art in the workplace drives enthusiasm and stimulates inspiration through intentionality.

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